A few words about my pitiful attempt to pass IELTS exam yesterday. Well, actually it’s impossible to fail this test (unless you’re removed from it because of cheating or anything else), I can only get low score.

The test took less time than I had expected, it started at 9:30am and I went home about 2pm. First three parts: listening, reading and writing, are going on virtually without any pauses. Reading and writing parts were relatively easy, whereas the listening part appeared to be quite challenging, partially because of the speakers’ accents (I’ve had experience listening to the American accent, mostly). I’m curious what score I’ll get for my beautiful and creative texts, because even for the exam I did everything according to my habit to write huge sentences, by the end of which the reader may easily forget what was at the beginning.

The speaking part was very short, with several questions and a one or two minutes-long monologue dedicated to a particular subject. I rarely speak in general, so I tried to use that opportunity to the full extent and chattered without any chance to stop me, making millions of mistakes =)

The score is going to be announced two weeks later.



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