Root Letter

Despite my long-standing interest in anime, all these years I thought that I’d been missing one very closely related thing – visual novels and dating simulator games. “It’s time to fix this omission!” I told myself two weeks ago and bought two games of this genre. Today finished the first one, “Root Letter”.

Well, I was lucky to start with this game because, at least, it gives a player a unique for visual novels opportunity to do… something. I could move, ask, use items and event think! Also we have: a plot of average silliness about a penpal from 15 years ago and her former classmates who don’t want to reveal where she is; a bunch of mostly nice (Four-Eyes irritated me a lot, though) characters; and really good backgrounds. Yep, the game looks great and this helps to get through (sometimes) very weird scenes and unpleasant behaviour of the main character.

What a game without an old pervert

The game offers 4 endings, one of them is supposed to be the true ending of the story but I limited my acquaintance with “Root Letter” by just one of them (and by watching the “correct” ending on YouTube, I’m a cheater, yeah). Maybe one day I’ll manage to run through this novel one more time but currently it’s even hard to imaging how it must be difficult to play such a game twice or maybe even three times in a row, repeating the same scenes and dialogues.

However, I think that this experiment had some success, and my next game is already defined – it’s the very popular “Steins; Gate”. Will be interesting to compare it with the anime.

P.S. One of the funniest moments there is that we have an UFO research lab and its founders’ names are Morita and Sugari. They look familiar, don’t they? =)



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