Kizumonogatari 3

The movie starts at the point when it’s about time to return all cut limbs to Shinobu (sorry, can’t get used to call her WithHerEnormouslyLongVampireName-HeartUnderBlade). Everything is great, the vampiress is happy, they spend some time together with Araragi, laughing and enjoying their last moments together… but in the next scene Araragi finds her eating one of her pursuers.

I understand that this is a part of Araragi as a character – that he always acts first and thinks afterwards. That he never considers an opportunity to just pass by taking his’ eyes off when another person needs help. However, Araragi’s sufferings after he realizes that he has helped a vampire, a creature who’s going to eat humans (because she’s been doing that for all her life) – they look vulgar. This is the worst moment of the movie, honestly: “I’m going to commit suicide because I’ve made an irreparable mistake!” It’s difficult to find even more idiotic solution, isn’t it? Luckily, Hanekawa, who’s the only one Araragi wants to talk to before making the final step, is not so narrow-minded and she suggested an obvious solution – kill the vampiress.

I was wondering about that while watching the first two movies – but I can’t understand, I refuse to understand how and why Araragi ended up being in relationships with Senjougahara. There are so many threads that tangle him and Hanekawa! The number of events shown in Kizumonogatari only would be enough for any couple to decide that it’s fate and they should be together until death does them part.

The main event of the second half of the movie is a fight between Araragi and Shinobu. I’m not sure that this fight is described in ranobe, so I suppose that all this phantasmagoria is the result of Akiyuki Shinbou’s addiction to various substances.

The end… is kind of sad. As Oshino said, there was no way to make everyone happy. But there was a way to make everyone equally unhappy and, of course, Araragi couldn’t have chosen anything else. We’ve learned why Shinobu and Oshino live together, we’ve found out how Araragi has become a half-vampire – that’s that.

In general, Kizumonogatari is a great addition to the series for any fan but for people who don’t care about this story it would be a rather meaningless film filled with weird scenes and dialogues. But let be speaking as fans. Despite its average plot the movie still contributes something new to this universe. Mainly, because of its visual. And amounts of blood. Monogatari had never been an anime about fairies and unicorns and Araragi had been killed or nearly killed dozens times before, but here the series has, probably, set a new record of how many litres of blood can be spilled. Perhaps, I should’ve also mentioned the impressively increased breast size of all main characters… not sure whether this is an upside, though.

P.S. any Monogatari anime is an endless source of brilliant GIFs, Kizumonogatari is no exception, sorry -_-


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