Recently I recalled that I’d had an MyAnimeList account and decided to take advantage of this fact. My initial idea was to use this account for a list of anime I’m planning to watch later (too easy to forget, my memory isn’t any better than Gourri’s). But of course, then I started filling the “Watched” list, being able to control the fate of any series just putting a score. And trust me, I was laughing like a madman. Very addictive process. Curious now, what number of finished titles I’m going to end up with. Simple math tells me that it should be somewhere around 350 (well, about 5 TVs every season => 20 per year + OVAs + movies) – not so many, eh? MAL knows, at least, about 11713 various anime – so there’s still a long road ahead.


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  1. Я тоже создавал, добавлял то что посмотрел полностью, но на 403 тайтле стало лень. =) Хотя каждому оценки ставил, по моим предположениям, я посмотрел не менее 500 аниме тайтлов, а может и больше.

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