First hockey match in my life! I’m not going to lie – turned out it’s very nice to attend a full hockey arena. Budweiser Garden’s capacity is about 9000 people and it was full (until the third period when people started leaving because Knights were already losing 0-5). Can’t even imagine what a Maple Leafs, for example, match looks like.

Animelog: New Game!! (and New Game OVA)

The summer anime season is wrapping up and one more show is finished.

Even being more predicable and boring than the original New Game, the second season is a good way to spend 20 minutes in the evening. Even being sort of illogical it didn’t make me swear and throw curses all the time. Yagami Kou is still a nice character and she finally leaves the studio at the end (it looked like “I need a new challenge because if Aoba is my best competitor out there then I’m doomed”). It’s a bit sad that their relationships with Rin still have some uncertainty. We finally met more employees from the programming department and even saw one of their meeting where they publicly were shaming an intern for bugs in the code – don’t even know what to say about that. New characters are okay, although their immediate attempts to declare pretentiously¬† that “I’m not gonna lose” looked like… a typical anime, you know. And I wouldn’t buy the the Eagle Jump’s new game, PECO =)

New Game OVA is a good old episode about girls on hot springs and as a special it has everything fans would dream of – there’s Aoba playing with snowmen number one and number two, Hifumi sitting in an open-air bath and drinking sake, drunk Umiko and, of course, a lot of nudity (that’s shown very decently).

A few thoughts after yesterday’s Exodus concert.

    • London Music Hall’s sound is horrible. I don’t know whether it’s a sound engineer’s fault or sound so awful because of the building itself, but it was impossible to make out a single note in solos. Only low freq could be heard and it’s even a bit funny because when we came come we realized that on a phone’s video solos can be heard (because phones typically suck at recording low-freq sounds). I’m complaining because solos is one of the most important parts of Exodus’ songs.
    • In addition to its quality the sound yesterday was loud. I mean, really loud. I’m still half-deaf.
    • There were a lot of people and they came already warmed up, so when Powertrip started playing it was mosh, blood and headbanging everywhere.
    • Powertrip is a great band. Their vocalist looks like a drug addict =)
    • Beer is very expensive, about $11 per 24 oz. (still haven’t checked out what this quantity means)
    • Exodus live should’ve been much better than Exodus on records and I’m sure they would have proved my theory if sound had been better. Otherwise we could enjoy only drummer’s skills and Zetro’s vocals.


Animelog: Aho girl

Actually, I don’t know what I should write about this one. The anime is about a girl named Yoshiko. A girl who is literally an aho. She likes her childhood friend A-kun (and pretty convinced that he’s in love with her as well but too shy to confess), likes her Dog but her true love is bananas. Bananas, stupid jokes and panties – these parts sum up basically everything about this anime.

Why did we watch it? Well, it’s bearable. For me, it’s muuuch more bearable than Gamers (it’s going to be a long rant though, so next time). It contains a couple of really funny moments: ones with Dog, for example, or ones showing how vigorous Yoshiko is. It has a couple of really nice pieces of animation. It’s short after all!

Visited local Comicon today. Long story short – the event is definitely different from Voronezh Anime Festival and can be compared only with its exhibition part. On the first floor there’s a big gaming zone with consoles/computes/board games. Rooms for lectures are also nearby. The huge space where one can buy comic books, toys, posters, etc. was located on the second floor.

We attended only one panel with a Canadian comic artist Jeff Lemire, it was rather nice, although we aren’t huge comics fans, this kind of storytelling isn’t popular in Russia after all. The cosplay show was short and, to be honest, after so many anime conventions those costumes didn’t look impressive.

My personal “The Best Costumes” award is going to these guys:

A couple of photos from the show: