Animelog: Ancient Magus’ Bride OVA

I’m not entirely sure about that but apparently a lot of people looked forward to watching this OVA (and, consequently, a TV we’re having next season). We jumped on this train just now and watched all three available episodes in a row. To be honest, I don’t know what the exact purpose of this OVA is – it’s cute and well-drawn but I didn’t find anything that would make me counting days until the TV starts. In theory, the OVA contains a completed arc about main heroine’s childhood but the authors still left some questions unanswered – for example, who destroyed the library (maybe that’s not so important, though) and didn’t even try to imply that they’re going to reveal everything later. “Magus’ Bride” looks a bit like “Uprooted”, a bit like Natsume (I can only trust my wife here, haven’t watched a single episode), a bit like a high-budget hentai prequel and, although the hentai part looks promising, at least for the time being I’m not going to watch the TV, hopefully, the fall season looks promising even without this anime.



2 thoughts on “Animelog: Ancient Magus’ Bride OVA

  1. I just recently watched the OVA since I got so curious with the hype of fans. The animation in particular is fairly good, well-crafted and visually fascinating. However, storywise, it lacks the excitement. It focuses on the dramatic element and the whole ambiance is pretty dark. The TV series looks more promising though.

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  2. I’m just slightly afraid that in the TV we’ll get a stereotypical story about an unfortunate girl and a cruel mage, who is actually a good guy. And half of the season we’ll be watching how they’re getting along. Hope, I’m wrong, because if a “girl learning magic” anime might become something interesting, another “Beauty and the Beast” – unlikely.

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