Animelog: New Game!! (and New Game OVA)

The summer anime season is wrapping up and one more show is finished.

Even being more predicable and boring than the original New Game, the second season is a good way to spend 20 minutes in the evening. Even being sort of illogical it didn’t make me swear and throw curses all the time. Yagami Kou is still a nice character and she finally leaves the studio at the end (it looked like “I need a new challenge because if Aoba is my best competitor out there then I’m doomed”). It’s a bit sad that their relationships with Rin still have some uncertainty. We finally met more employees from the programming department and even saw one of their meeting where they publicly were shaming an intern for bugs in the code – don’t even know what to say about that. New characters are okay, although their immediate attempts to declare pretentiously¬† that “I’m not gonna lose” looked like… a typical anime, you know. And I wouldn’t buy the the Eagle Jump’s new game, PECO =)

New Game OVA is a good old episode about girls on hot springs and as a special it has everything fans would dream of – there’s Aoba playing with snowmen number one and number two, Hifumi sitting in an open-air bath and drinking sake, drunk Umiko and, of course, a lot of nudity (that’s shown very decently).


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