What can be better on Friday evening than a video with a stupid cat? Our cat’s getting older and older and apparently his brain is slowly melting. Yesterday that incredibly intelligent creature spent an evening hunting all moving objects on the monitor — and we’d never seen anything like that during the previous 12 years.

Out of curiosity decided to make a list of anime quotes we’re using all the time in real life (in addition to various なるほど or いってきます).

“Another unfamiliar ceiling”, every time in the morning in a hotel room or something like that. (I used to use “Eva, start!” whenever I had to press a button in an elevator or turn on the computer, but those glorious days are far gone).

“The energy of youth” — was taken from a Russian translation of FLCL. When someone is too vigorous =)

“Mahou!” — Pani Poni Dash, can be used in any situation.

“- Becky is a genius! – Yayayaya” — from the same show, when you compliment someone.

“- I taught you everything I knew. – But sensei, it’s been only 14 seconds!” — Excel Saga.

“Kamimashita” — I have to use this one pretty often, because sometimes I can’t remember a word either in Russian or in English and use the first one that pops up in my mind. Yeah, I’m a terrible person.

“I know only what I know” — obviously when someone says that you know everything 😉

“This is the legendary cross toast!” — from Honey and Clover, very useful while drinking in a company.

“Don’t believe in yourself, believe in me who believes in you!” — can’t use often, because, you know it’s too pretentious =)

“Manly combining must be beautiful!” — I swear I use it sometimes but not sure in which situations *confused_face.jpg*

“Escaleitaaa, eleveitaaa” — Azumanga Daioh. Also I run like Osaka sometimes if you know what I’m saying. And, of course “Shiisaa Yaibiimi” (while writing those I realized that I really want to watch Azumanga again).

“I can smell war” — when you’re waiting for a long time. Also ideally you need to grin like Alucard.

“Everything according to keikaku” — everyone knows this one.

“Internet leaves me in despair!” — virtually every time I use the global network.

“Sawako-sensei, dameee!”, “-Bifu or chickenu? -Bifu purisu. -Excellent!” — the latter is very useful during flights.

“My followers are waiting!” Jesus in Saint Oniisan.

“Be damned that muscled body of mine!” Nozaki-kun. After gym to flatter myself.

“You shouldn’t wear plaid if you’re not ready to die!” — Katte ni Kaizou. A perfect answer to any style-related question.

To be continued.

Animelog: Chio’s School Road

Huh, I’m finally going to write about this show and my self-promised duty to write a few words about every anime I watched will be fulfilled.

Chio’s School Road might’ve become the best comedy show of this summer season. Might have if the authors had managed to keep up the pace and the level of weirdness which was going on. Unfortunately, after a few really, really good first episodes, later it was hit and miss.

Manana and Chio’s duo is amazing throughout the entire anime though. Their desire to throw the other one under the bus in any situation is hilarious, as well as their immediate teaming up afterwards (or when they face a mutual opponent). Episodes with Ando’s attempts to share his feelings towards Chio are also usually a great success (c).

However, in order to enjoy really funny scenes we have to put up with absolutely unnecessary pantsushots, questionable toilet humor (yes, toilet humor may be funny too, just not in this case) and, sometimes, just totally forgettable and bland situations. But maybe I’m complaining simply because we also had Asobi Asobase and Grand Blue.

Chio is sexy, isn’t she?

Sodom — Partisan

After Onkel Tom all of a sudden changed the entire Sodom lineup back in January I had some doubts regarding the future of the band. As usual, turned out that my concerns had been in vain (no wonder though, considering that Sodom is 99% a Tom’s project). Yesterday the renewed band released a first EP, “Partisan”, containing two brand new songs. Has anything changed? Not exactly. I’m not especially excited about the sound quality but otherwise it’s the same good ol’ Sodom. Hallelujah.


Gamelog: Detroit: Become Human

I had to put off this game for some time because I was watching how Nastya was playing and two playthroughs (I probably should be using quotes, it’s a Cage’s game after all) in a row would’ve been too much. So, after we saw a good ending Detroit was forgotten for a couple of months.

Today I finished it myself (with a bad ending, hehe), so just a few thoughts.

First and foremost — graphics in the game is really, really good. Of course,  we should make some amendments here because scenes are not huge but still, Detroit looks impressive. Great lighting, soft shadows and realistic characters  — skin, fabric, eyes, everything is nice. And no, I wasn’t going to rhyme this. Animations sometimes ruins the magic but in static the visual is awesome.

The story is better than Beyond but Heavy Rain is still my favourite. Mostly because Heavy Rain could offer interesting moments and stories for three of its four characters. In Detroit the best story line is obviously a Connor’s one. Kara and Markus are too human, too straightforward (and moreover, I had already seen their scenes and wouldn’t say that outcome may vary a lot). I really just wanted to fast-forward most of the “levels” when we’re building up the androids’ revolution or trying to cross the border. Oh, I wish the androids were shown completely inhuman, with no respect to the life of the mankind at all. Connor, on the other hand, does have choices in the game. And whether he’s acting like a machine or showing feelings and emotions — he’s likeable. As well as Hank.

Oh, and the main star of this game is, for sure, your in-game hostess, Chloe. She’s so great that sometimes this is even creepy. “Oh, it’s so nice to begin a weekend with you” when you start playing on Friday’s evening. “I really like your interior, seems you have a perfect taste”. And so on, and so forth.

Thanks to another PS Store sale I bought NHL 19 yesterday and it hooked me immediately with its new threes mode =( I haven’t even checked out any other modes yet — instead I’m having a lot of fun playing Threes Circuit and collecting mascots. The weekend is ruined =(

Because I’m a lazy ass I didn’t take any pictures on the yesterday’s concert, so here go just my impressions.

I hadn’t attend any shows in Rum Runners before, so I was kind of curious how it would be in comparison with London Music Hall. Turned out that everything is very okay (c). The venue is smaller than LMH, with decent sound and unfortunately-but-not-so-surprisingly expensive beer.

The first two bands were playing some rather boring blackened death metal (or deathened black metal), moreover, the first band consisted only of two members (a guitarist-vocalist and a drummer). The third band, Midnight, was way more interesting — a mix of Motorhead and Venom. I even listened to one of their albums today.

Long story short, The Black Dahlia Murder lived up to all the expectations. They played a good set (completely omitted songs from Abysmal though), as I said already the sound was good, so we could enjoy their minor 3rds and drums, the crowd was.. hm, energetic enough. My neck and back hurt today — so everything went well I guess?