After 14 or 15 episodes seems that I finally found a way to make Kimi Ni Todoke more interesting. When main characters show up on the screen alone — it’s a perfect time to go and make some tea, or to take a peek at how the Jets are playing or to stand up and stretch a bit. I can easily believe that the manga Nozaki was drawing was about these two — at such moments Kimi Ni Todoke illustrates the shoujou genre at its fullest — flowers, sparkles and bubbles on the background and long glances full of… feelings. The problem though is not the shoujousness per se but the fact that our Mamiko and Suzuki are so dense and slow that it’s not even funny. Seriously, it’s painful to watch. I will be surprised if by the end of the second season they will have held hands (after all, as far as I know the anime covers only half of the manga). I sort of understand that Sawako hasn’t experienced many things in her life but, man, she is so annoying. And her crush and all others are way too supportive. And her rival is just dumb just doesn’t know how to plan anything looking at least one step ahead.

However, support characters feel like more or less real people and that’s great (except for Pin-sensei, of course, but he must be an exaggerated stupid-and-funny sensei, it’s his duty). I hope that eventually the focus will shift slightly towards the Sawako’s friends and their romantic stories, so far it seems that they have more potential.


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