Animelog: Kimi Ni Todoke

After I finished Kimi Ni Todoke a scary thought popped up in my mind — what if actually the characters of my beloved KareKano are also dumbasses shallow and boring? And I was just younger and not so cynical and aggressive? Because for me KareKano has always been an almost ideal shoujou anime — a bit naive, a bit funny, sometimes unexpectedly blunt but always honest and romantic. So, if Kimi Ni Todoke, which is considered as a superior show, according to ratings and reviews at least, felt so insipid — then maybe Anno’s anime also wasn’t especially fascinating?

I finished only the first season of the Sawako’s love story and it’s hard to find a reason to get back to it =) Yeah, some moments in this show are really nice, like a short detour dedicated to the Chizuru’s relationships with Tora. To me her story looked much more emotional and believable. However, at least half of the time Kimi Ni Todoke makes an impression of an endless filler episode. The first season contains 25 episodes, and during this time we barely moved from the starting point, considering that Sawako found friends almost immediately. I kind of even intrigued what the manga is about, because, you know, 30 volumes is a lot.

I already wrote almost everything I could and the series didn’t change much since that 15th episode, so I can only add that the ending theme is an earworm and the opening — not so much =) A little break to watch something completely different — and I must make an attempt to watch KareKano. I want to believe that it stood the test of time =)


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