These guys are back with the truest and blackest true black metal!

Steve showed yesterday something we’ve been working on recently — a new rendering engine =)

This full clip is here (unfortunately, I have no idea how to embed a twitch video here) and the shorter and compressed version is on Steve’s twitter:

So far it’s truly a hybrid of a renderer — clustered deferred + screen-space tiles classification a-la Uncharted 4 (and Frostbite I think and, I bet, others). Shadows are traditional stable cascaded shadowmaps with fallback to our existing aperture lightmaps.

In other news — saw a video of the latest installment of my favorite turn-based strategy game, Age of Wonders — and this is soo cool! Look forward to playing it!

Alita: Battle Angel is much better filmed than Ghost in the Shell and actually watchable. The plot follows the OVA really closely, except for some minor details or maybe I just don’t remember the original adaptation well. Unfortunately, the anime that came out in 1993 wasn’t especially impressive in terms of plot and despite all the money and efforts thrown into this project, “Alita” is still a one-time movie. It’s a bit of a mystery to me why this story deserved a high budget live-action. However, there’s a hope that the next anime which will be transformed into a Hollywood movie will take the best from both worlds — it will be based on a good story and remake the original as close as possible.

I rarely feel something like “I wish I’d been a programmer on this project” playing a game, but now, when I returned back to the world of God of War after a year long break — I’m seriously envious. I’m even trying to find some flaws in the game’s visual, to silence my jealousy a bit — but can’t! I’m sooo looking forward to the GDC talks on GoW graphics this year!