Mob Psycho 100 II

Let’s let the cat out of the bag from the very beginning. The second season of this anime about the most powerful esper in the world had been fantastic for 8 episodes and as dull as possible for the rest 5.

The first part showed pretty much everything we loved about the first Mob Phycho. Mob’s relationships with Reigen and their crazy jobs, his attempts to improve the body being a member of… the Body Improvement Club, the cult of Mob and, as if that’s not enough — Mob even found a girlfriend! Not for a long time and she went out with him on a dare but still! The two-episodes-long arc about Reigen, balancing on the brink of destroying his own career and reputation was definitely the pinnacle of this anime. Ah, and the visual, which had been kind of cool in the first season became even better.

Here comes the part of the story that gets a little bit sad. Unfortunately, Mob Psycho 100 is a shounen anime. To make sure that no one would have any doubts about that the authors made the final of the story incredibly shounen-ish, up to the point that I wanted to grind my teeth and maybe get drunk a little to make that more bearable. It’s hard to remember anything positive about those long, long 100 minutes. A dumb and pretentious villain, who’s not that bad after all? Check. Tons of speeches on the level “If someone can beat him — it’s going to be Mob!”, “You can do it!”, “- I don’t need anyone. -Oh, I pity you because of your solitude”? Check. Enormously long fighting sequences? Heh, it’s Bones we’re talking about — of course, check. Plus, despite its length the ending feels rushed, sometimes it was difficult to understand what led to this or that.

Overall, I think that Mob Psycho is a must-watch anime for people who like shounen, the insane rating on MAL sort of backs this claim. Personally, I’m going to continue watching it, at least one more season — then it’ll be clear whether there are any ideas left or the story made a turn to becoming just another representative of its genre for good.


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