Senryu Girl

All right, the spring season is about to end and we have plenty of shows we’re finishing. Madness, some time ago I would never have guessed it’s going to be more that 4 or 5. The first one we’re done with is Senryuu Shoujo.

Which is amazingly stereotypical and, at the same time, cute, innocent and funny. Every Saturday morning for the last 3 months began for me with Nanako and Eiji and it certainly was a perfect way to start a day. I wish all 5-7-5 poems had used some sort of rhythm in English translation but probably I should take what I can.

I must add that Senryu Girl’s ED was also super cute, as was their preview of the next episode, when every time Eiji couldn’t fit the name into 17 syllables but Nanako always helped him out. It was a nice little touch and I’m a sucker for such things.

While people are vigorously discussing the changed dialogue between Kaworu and Shinji in the netflix version of Evangelion — I’m just happy that I have a reason to re-watch my beloved anime one more time. Although, yeah, the ending without “Fly me to the moon” is sad.

By the way, my twitter feed right now looks almost as if we returned 20 years to the past. Evangelion memes, Evangelion discussions and Evangelion fan-art. What a time to be alive. And a perfect opportunity to recommend this anime to everyone, hehe.

Aggretsuko 2

I don’t know why but the second season left me disappointed. It felt stiffer, more forced and maybe more… westernized? The original 100 episodes were a blast. The first season was very close to the web-anime and added amazing Fenneko’s laugh. The second season… It was just a bit monotonous. Retsuko didn’t even try to express her rage. We almost didn’t see Fenneko or Tsunoda. The story arc about an AI genius, Tadano, was simply boring. And c’mon! We like this show because it’s down to earth — and the idea of meeting a billionaire at a driving school doesn’t look very believable.

Yeah, there was an occasional good joke and when I’m saying that Retsuko didn’t show her dark side I don’t mean she literally never did that. And the opening is still good. But in general — I expected more.

What’s the best way to finish off a Saturday than to go to a concert of (in)famous Steel Panther? =)


Was a great show, although, a bit different comparing to what we typically attend. There was no mosh pit, no slam but Satchel and Michael Starr were joking their questionable jokes non-stop, played cover songs everybody knew (and I even finally learned the name of the song I had heard before but had no idea what it was, “Here I go again” by Whitesnake); there were lots of guys wearing almost cosplay-like outfits (glam metal, baby) and in general the atmosphere was super friendly, fun and relaxing.

Okay, St Louis completely deserved this win. They played accurately, precisely and didn’t waste moments they had. Binnington was a brick wall. Wish Boston had scored more than a goal but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So, now it’s time to take a break from hockey — the Knights start their season only in September.

The Bruins win 5-1 and that’s pretty awesome — not only because game 7 in the Stanley Cup finals sounds intense and dramatic but also because game 6 was surprisingly okay in terms of referees’ decisions. No controversial penalties or missed faults, they even counted the Blues goal after a video review. Now my only hope is that it’ll be like that in the last game.

We got two good thrash albums in a row. Last week Death Angel released “Humanicide”, and this record sounds exactly like everyone would expect to (and it’s been like that with their 3 or 4 latest albums). Today Xentrix reminded us that they’re still alive, know how to create songs and play them — “Bury the pain” is pretty cool. Wish there was a music video but, well, Xentrix are not Metallica or Rammstein to make 10 videos in the albums’ support.