Servant x Service

If not for Funimation I definitely would’ve missed this anime — to be honest, I had never even heard of it before the last week’s catalog update! So… thank you Funimation, I guess? =) Because the show is actually pretty cute and funny and I’m genuinely glad that it caught my eye. Yeah, it’s another simple comedy based on a 4-koma, so don’t expect to behold a thrilling plot full of pondering on the questions that have been bothering humanity for hundreds of years. And there are going to be sex-related jokes. But, but! This is a story about adults — a few civil servants, new employees at the ward office! Who work! Well, or at least are trying to work =) This show doesn’t even contain a beach episode, an onsen episode or a festival episode, which is an achievement by itself! We will even get not an ideal but satisfying conclusion.

Considering how bland this season is — Servant x Service was a great find and seems that it might be a good idea to go through the anime all the countless streaming services have to offer, maybe there will be more hidden gems =)

2 thoughts on “Servant x Service

  1. Hope you’ll like it! The first thing I checked out was how many more volumes of manga left, sort of hoped there would be a “true ending” but apparently it is a complete story, just 4 volumes =(

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