British thrashers Evile reminded everyone that it doesn’t matter how many or who of Drake brothers play in the band. Ol left, Ol returned, Matt left, Ol took over vocal duties and Evile released the best album since the debut one. I stumbled upon “Enter the Grave” by accident but it immediately became one of the albums I always had on my player. Good old times, when mp3 players were a thing. That was a great record, even though it was a bit naive and raw. “Hell Unleashed” is everything but naive. It’s even faster than “Enter the Grave”, very straightforward and absolutely ferocious. It’s brutally hammering you for half an hour and if I had to compare this album to something — it would be “Arise”. Ol Drake shamelessly said himself that “Arise” and “Beneath the Remains” were a huge inspiration for him while he was writing songs and that’s noticeable.

P.S. And while I’m on it… Cannibal Corpse also released a fantastic album, “Violence Unimagined”. I was kind of lukewarm about this band for a long period of time but “A Skeletal Domain” made me change my mind and every next record is only getting better.

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