Deep inside I’m probably a masochist — I get annoyed with every episode of “Platinum End” and yet continue watching it hoping that one week it, all of a sudden, will become better. This anime is ideal for drinking games though. Take a shot every time a character says 幸せ — a guaranteed way to get shitfaced on a Thursday night =)

It’s always fascinating to revisit shows which I watched more than a decade ago. For example, I suddenly felt an urge to watch “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi” again. It’s not my favorite anime but still, it holds a special spot in my heart simply because it came out in the right time =) Year 2006, I was young, could drink 3-4 liters of beer without having to suffer the next morning and just attended my first anime festival. So many amazing memories and great stories from that time! Suzumiya Haruhi was the main theme of the festival next year by the way, of which I missed a good half because I was helping out with one of the numbers =) Don’t remember much from that year except for the fact that the hosts of the festival were doing a pretty good job cosplaying the SOS Brigade. At least that’s what I thought back then =)

I watched this anime one more time a couple of years later, in a theater, during an anime night. That also was an amazing experience — people singing the opening and ending, dancing and, generally, doing everything to avoid falling asleep =)

So yeah, (un)surprisingly, “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi” holds up pretty well and I probably was grinning during all 28 episodes. Oh man, several years more and I’ll be claiming that this is a classic anime that everyone has to check out. This time I was watching it on funimation that has the episodes in the chronological order. Not sure that I liked it better than the original “Kyon’s” order, that was messing up this already pretty chaotic anime, but at least I finally didn’t skip the dreaded second season. Endless Eight, yeeah. I watched only 3 out of 8 episodes though, shame on me =) An interesting fact is that the second season has a great opening too (ending is kind of meh but let’s be honest, the bar was way too high).

After an enormous success of the operation “Let’s rewatch something” I couldn’t resist the temptation and circled back to the single meaningful arc of 青春ブタ野郎, the arc with one and only Sakurajima Mai. She is such an amazing character! These 3 (and the first several minutes of the fourth) episodes should be in the anime hall of fame. Honestly, it’s a shame that the rest of the season is average. Now, being a simpleton I am, am trying to track down a figure of the Bunny girl sempai that won’t cost a fortune =) Some goals in life eh?