Every time Stranges gets the puck he looks like a dog that found the best stick in the world =)

Really like watching him playing for the Knights, hope he’ll be called up next season.

My Dress-Up Darling

“My Dress-Up Darling” won my heart because it’s honest about what it is and what it is not. It’s an ecchi anime demonstrating how much passion for cosplay people might have and nothing else. This anime doesn’t offer any fancy plot twists or (gasp!) character development. Instead it shamelessly uses fan-service scenes in every episode, with Marin’s costumes becoming more and more revealing as the show progresses — and that somehow turned out to be totally watchable and, moreover, enjoyable! You know, like… B Gata H Kei, an anime you wouldn’t even think of watching if you only read the description, but which, in reality, is pretty funny and cute =) Can’t believe it came out more than a decade ago, time flies. Anyway, the authors of “My Dress-Up Darling” assumed (probably correctly) that few otaku will be against the idea of a show about beautiful women doing cosplay, and they went balls to the wall on this idea. In my opinion it was a safe bet and I’m actually surprised that such anime are so rare.

I am, frankly, drawing blanks trying to come up with anything else to write about “My Dress-Up Darling”. The entire show consists of Gojo making costumes and Marin wearing them exclaiming “Dude, this is やばい!” Yah, I could be a nit-picking bastard and mention another cosplayer showing up in this anime for a couple of episodes or a questionable romance plot line but does anyone really care whether Marin and Gojo will be together? After all, we do know that their relationships will just not abruptly end — there are still so many characters showing a lot of their skin Marin’s looking forward to cosplaying =)