Corpsegrinder, the owner of the sexiest most famous neck in the world, quietly released his solo album and it’s actually pretty good. The music is more straightforward than Cannibal Corpse’s opuses but it’s not a bad thing, I’m actually a fan of songs I could headbang along with without having to think that the tempo is going to change unexpectedly or to adjust to some 11/8-like time signatures =)

I assume that a lot of people don’t like “the enemy of the people” label for corporate/mainstream media but I frankly don’t even know how else to describe them. All the usual suspects (CTV News, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star that can brag about being the worst paper of all times and probably others) lined up like lemmings to publish this nonsense “study”, that’s actually a model, today. “The model does not accurately reflect the real world data”. Why the fuck do you post it then? To ruin more families and destroy lives of more people? Hopefully not so many people fall for this bullshit but I guess for these “journalists” even one or two broken relationships or fired people a day are worth it, they can slap each other’s asscheeks and go home satisfied. This model simply assumes that covid vaccines are awesome at preventing infection and transmission, something that’s not seen in real world with real human beings and they go for it because why not. The cherry on top is that the lead “researcher” there apparently has had connections with pfizer (so he, purely by accident, promotes their product eh?)

It’s also just really sad that math models, which can be a useful tool, are discredited by something like that (or those famous mask usefulness studies, which used the same, not-so-tricky, trick, “We assume that masks work with amazing efficacy, so behold — this is our study how these fantastic masks help to stop the spread of the virus”).

Akebi’s Sailor-fuku

If you ever wanted to feel like a creep there are multiple options how that could be achieved. You could visit Hakone, learn that there’s a girls-only school there, go there to observe what such a place looks like in reality and then leave slightly relived because the school is on vacation (totally made-up story of course). Or you could check out this beautiful anime about cute girls doing cute things. Honestly, during all 12 episodes I had a feeling that I was peeking at something I wasn’t supposed to see, something not intended for men’s eyes at all.

Akebi’s journey to befriend her 15 classmates in a girls-only school (oh those girls-only schools!) is as slice-of-life as it gets. Don’t expect anything stressful, no one is going to put sticks in the wheels and be an asshole — everyone in this anime is cute, kind and compassionate =) There are some slight hints at shoujo ai, as if the authors weren’t sure whether they’d want to go down that road, but nothing, you know, aggressive and lustful. Everything is so goddamn cute! (I already said that a dozen times, didn’t I?)

This anime is not going to teach you any valuable life lessons or doesn’t have anything that will keep you on the edge of your seat but, you know, sometimes it’s nice to check out a relaxing show about nothing. Especially if you’re strong enough mentally to fight off that feeling of not belonging =)