Today is the day when millions of Canadians have moved one step closer to becoming first-class citizens again — you don’t have to show papers with your private medical information to travel anymore =) There are still hoops to jump through and the program was “suspended”, not cancelled and burned with fire, but that is at least something. Quite a few of the covid response measures baffled me (and we’re going to be figuring out this mess for years), but all those vaccine passports is a thing I never imagined I would see in the 21st century. I don’t even know which word describes it better, “dumb” or “disgusting”. “Yeah, I know that you’re 20 years old and just had covid; nah, you’re still a sick antiscientific bastard and you can’t board a plane to fly from Calgary to Halifax to visit relatives, go get a car — it’s just a 3 days drive. Rules are rules”. Everybody cheers — they are finally safe.

I won’t be surprised if we see another attempt to resurrect the “papers please” program in fall, when the respiratory season starts, because, why not? It’s just a minor inconvenience after all, nothing to worry about. I only hope that if that happens this time around it will be met with more skepticism.

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