Hello! And welcome. My name is Sergei Kraevskii and I’m pretending to be a graphics programmer at Digital Extremes. However, this blog is not dedicated to graphics programming. To be honest, it isn’t dedicated to anything particular at all, just a social network replacement of some kind (facebook, vk and others make me shiver). I write some personal stuff (yup, like “Today was a good day and I managed to eat two ice-creams”); write about anime (a lot, unfortunately); post funny pictures and pictures with cats, music videos; save links to various graphics papers and my own attempts to implement something useful. I’m not a reviewer and when I write something about a show or a game — this is mostly just bits and pieces (and these bits contain all imaginable spoilers!) that caught me, which I’d like to be able to remember thirty years later discussing, you know, anime with grandchildren.

And obligatory disclaimer: this is my private blog, all opinions are my own and do not represent the opinions of my current or former or future employer.


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