Watch Oilers rather regularly and have to admit that McDavid really sells himself all the time. For example, his enormous time on ice every game includes a few minutes of penalty killing. Not so much as Letestu and McDavid’s defense skills are certainly not something one will be envious of but I just checked out, out of curiosity, how much time Crosby, Malkin or Stamkos spent in their last matches playing 4-to-5 – just seconds!

And yeah, he knows how to play hockey:


Anime Fall 2017: Dropped

Black Clover

I was pretty sure that “Black Clover” would end up in the “dropped” list, the only question was how soon. Turned out that one episode was enough. A character without super-powers in a world where all people have them, his incredibly talented friend – mysterious and rare ability the main hero is presented with… visually nice but absolutely bland show. Should I also mention that the main character is very, very irritating?

Juuni Taisen

Again, it was expected. If the original manga (or ranobe, not sure) was great I’m sure that Shinbou would’ve clung into the idea of making the anime and wouldn’t have allowed it to be made by someone else. Juuni Taisen probably is a good action show and has some catching moments (Rabbit, for example) but everything what’s going on there is kind of meaningless. Dog’s stupid behaviour in the second episode just made the decision much faster.

Umaru-chan R

Even second half of the original Umaru-chan was a little boring, the second season couldn’t improve the situation. Constantly complaining Umaru, who played a soccer match and realized that maybe the had to do the first step to find friends… Ugh – for a first episode of a comedy show this is way too much.


It’s very difficult to make such anime – very colorful, animated and absurd. And it has to have aliens. Trigger can do that, Gainax can (or could, at least)… other attempts are typically not very impressive. Urahara is another unsuccessful one.


One more shounen, this one about a student who’s only passion is robots. First of all – this is Gonzo. If this reason is not convincing enough – Robomasters is full of cliches.

P.S. Looks like a decent season, eh? Just five dropped shows so far. (Six actually, too lazy to look up the name of the anime about vicious relationships between a teacher and her student).


New South Park isn’t bad. 21st season and Stone and Parker still manage to come up with new ideas and make up really funny jokes. This season returned to the show’s roots – we don’t have the general plot, just a bunch of stories. This is probably a good thing, season 20 was a bit messy and many plot lines were left unfinished (or at least they felt like unfinished).

So far Randy can easily be called the central character of this season, his enthusiastic approach to everything – whether it’s house renovating or attempts to destroy a Columbus statue (along with wiping Columbus day from the holidays schedule) is in the spotlight all the time.

Some stories are a too straightforward in term of its morals but it’s up to Parker and Stone I guess – after so many brilliant episodes they can do whatever they want. 

Persona 5 sometimes surprises, didn’t even realize initially who that nice lady Becky was. And it’s possible to build relationships with her! Considering girls I’ve met in the game so far, it might be a good idea (a bit vicious, though) to know my homeroom teacher slightly better.

Persona 4’s choices were much easier – they immediately introduced you to the local Yamato Nadesico – Yukiko.