This week the winter has finally come to Ontario! The most surprising thing was that it happened during one night.



The latest Pixar movie, Coco, is (as always) wonderful visually and good in general… but made of all possible cliches we can imagine, which we’ve seen million times. I’m pretty sure that if someone has had a chance to view any other Disney/Pixar cartoon then after the first 20 minutes they will be able to figure our literally everything that’s going to happen, including every small detail. Luckily the plot takes place in Mexico, a relatively rarely used setting, and this gives Coco some charm and novelty. Songs (oh man, I’m a huge fan of songs in moviesĀ cartoons – Disney ones mostly) are making a good accompaniment to the story but unlikely I’ll want to listen to any of them later.

P.S. The scene where the main villain is revealing himself is such a facepalm.

P.P.S. All the characters speak with a Mexican accent, which looks a bit odd considering that as a language they still use English (just adding “ola!” of “amigo”). Yeah, I really like complaining about everything =)

Animelog: Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Despite everything — the plot full of coincidences possible only in anime, visual that became noticeably more doubtful in last episodes, characters that were introduced without any reason and happily forgotten, despite all that this series left me satisfied.

This was probably the first anime about MMO that I finished and didn’t want to rumble about stupidity I’d had to put up with for (very long) 3 months. Very simple characters and their primitive motivation couldn’t override the fact that those characters came to some logical conclusion in their relationships (oh, Takhisis, modern anime leaves me in despair with its ability to provide us with shows that will never have any “happily ever after” episode). And instead of recalling how awkward the conversations between two main characters were I’d prefer to remember this anime by Morioka-san’s beautiful one-line dialog with a dryer in the last episode (“Hai! Onegaishimasu!”)

P.S. by that dialog and the opening – it was really nice

2017-12-12 22_26_02-Crunchyroll - Watch Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 7 - You and I, and Me and

Just returned from Mexico where we spent a few days full of food, sun and doing nothing (horrible lifestyle, I know). Before the trip I’d had a couple of really intense weeks at work so as my closest goal I’m going to catch up with everything I missed during that time.

The photos are waiting to be sorted, the useless and boring report about the trip is also going to be a little later — just a lonely coati today



Looking for a new figure to buy but this time it’s very difficult to make a choice. My first option was, of course, Chitoge from Nisekoi. There are two decent figures but either has a downside. The right one is almost perfect… but she’s not wearing a school uniform. The uniform on the left one is beautiful but her face could’ve been better. Moreover, all figures I like are already sold out =( Including this great figure of Stocking. To wrap up — I didn’t find any figures of Asuka from Hibike Euphonium.

NFL season is on the full speed whereas CFL season has ended today. The last game between Stampeders and Argos took place on a field covered with snow – very Canadian-style.

Toronto won but in my opinion Calgary guys were playing better =(