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Judas Priest – Firepower

It’s unbelievably hard to realize that the first album these geezers released back in 1974. 1974! 44 years ago. And Firepower shows that Halford & Friends still know how to play, you know, that cool heavy metal. This album is definitely better than their previous two records — Nostradamus and Redeemer of Souls and may be better than Angel Of Retribution (I listened to that one a lot in 2005 when it was released and liked it a lot, so it’s difficult to compare). The music is rather simpler, there are no obvious hits but in general I got an impression as if Judas Priest had finally given up on trying to be innovative and just returned to what they do really well.

They’re playing in London on March 27 so let’s wish them to be in good health — for them this is the most important thing now, hehe.

Graf posted a screenshot from Mitsiboshi Colors and yes — this moment is hilarious. The Colors know how to move secretly, not attracting anyone’s attention. (Poor Saito, if I were him I would’ve given up somewhere at the beginning of the first episode.)

2018-03-12 21_33_21-Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 - Watch Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 online in hi

Sacchan is using her charm to distract Saito

2018-03-12 21_34_02-Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 - Watch Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 online in hi

Moving carefully

2018-03-12 21_34_21-Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 - Watch Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 online in hi

Solid Snake? Never heard of him

2018-03-12 21_34_59-Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 - Watch Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 online in hi

Who needs boxes when there are such nice big guys around?

Achievements: can cross out two lines from my “to do” list.

  1. Visited the US. Spent two days not far from Seattle but didn’t see much unfortunately — basically all I had time to take a glance at were the airport and the hotel. The road signs showing distances in miles were unusual though =) Mountains looked very attractive so I hope we’ll be able to visit Seattle or Vancouver soon, just as tourists.
  2. Coincidentally, used Uber for the first time. I’m still freaked out every time I have to make a phone call here, so I’ve been doing my best trying to avoid taxi services. With Uber my life might become a little easier — no human interaction, hurray!

Piano No Mori PV

ANN posted the latest PV of an upcoming anime Piano No Mori. Not a big deal, right? But personally for me it’s a huge deal, because the production studio is GAINAX! They haven’t released a good show in years (C3-bu or Houkago No Pleiades TV almost ruined my faith in anime) but so far Piano No Mori looks at least decently. Yes, this is Fakushima Gainax not the Tokyo branch and I don’t want to be too optimistic… But maybe this time we’ll see the comeback of the greatest anime studio?

Gamelog: Steins;Gate 0

To prove my stupidity one more time I finished this, hm, game just one month before the anime starts airing. I aggravated everything even more after discovering that the true ending couldn’t be achieved after the first play-through — and watched other endings on youtube (you know, once you started doing stupid things it’s very difficult to stop.) Well, at least now I know that the show is going to be decent =)

Basically, it’s the same good old Steins;Gate but instead of the “mad scientist” Hooin Kyoma we have a questionable pleasure to observe his depressed version, Linthalo Okabe, who couldn’t save Kurisu and gave up on everything. All the gang is here though — Mayushi with her famous Tuturuu♪, supa-hacka Daru, Faris Nyan-Nayn and so on. Among the new characters it’s impossible not to mention Maho. First of all, she is one of the main heroes here. Second, all five in-game jokes are dedicated to her.

Steins;Gate’s gameplay is an ideal representation of what any game should be — you systematically press a single button scrolling dialogs. Very convenient, because I could play using one hand and holding a beer in the other one. There are a few points where the player should make a choice but all these key moments are based on whether you’re going to use your in-game smartphone or not. Until the very end I didn’t figure out what button had to be used in order to answer a call or a RINE message, so I just went with the flow and managed to get an ending, which can be considered as a “good” one. Ignorance is bliss.