Saekano 2

Analyzing my thoughts about anime this season it looks like I’ve become a kind of old geezer and soon going to yell at kids something like “get off my lawn!” Can’t help it – today’s post is another rumbling (very short one), dedicated to the second season of Saekano.

This is an anime about a high-school student, Tomoya-kun (aka Rinri-kun) who is an otaku and positive that relationships with 3d girls are impossible. Despite his attitude he’s constantly surrounded with girls (very 3d) – cousins, childhood friends, classmates – and all of them demonstrate astonishingly strong affection for him. After all, Rinri-kun isn’t just an ordinary student because he has a Dream! He wants to create the best dating sim game in the world. The team who was going to make the game, hmm, teamed up in the first season.

Have to admit, the first season was good enough for me. Thanks, mostly, to Kado-san, a girl who becomes a model for the main character of the game. The second season… if it weren’t for Kado we would’ve dropped it pretty quickly, I think.

The game has been made. It even demonstrated some success. But before the release and after it – there were so many nonsense scenes, where characters were stubbornly ignoring any logic and acting weirdly just to create some “drama”! Artists losing their muse and Rinri-kun believing in them. Eriri, deciding that only painting with watercolor in the middle of nowhere can save the project. “Let’s redo the plot in last minute” twist. Rinri again who hasn’t made a single attempt in a month to find out why Kado is mad with him. And, of course, the winner is Tomoya-Rinri who shows inhuman, nearly Araragi-kun’s level skills in avoiding sex, in spite the fact that all the girls are willingly stay with him for a night and don’t even try to hide their intentions (hey, Kasaminagaoka Utaha-sempai!) Even Kado in the last couple of episodes wasn’t that Kado we’d like to see (character development™)

I don’t have even a faintest doubt that we’ll get the third season but I’ll be smarter next time. Saekano, get off my lawn!

Attack On Titan 2

First of all, I think that it initially was a bad idea to make the second season of “Attack On Titan” now. Maybe I’m wrong, but the manga isn’t finished (still) and it was obvious that we are going to enjoy the third (fourth, etc.) seasons of this soap opera. For me it looked like the second seasons was made just to heat expectations a bit and remind us that the answer to the question “What anime would you recommend if I’m looking for the most pompous dialogues in the history of anime” hasn’t changed.

Has anything changed at all? At the beginning I thought that yes. Damn, I thought that first 4 or 5 episodes were great! We virtually didn’t see Eren, we had that mysterious Titan in the Wall, we had a clever titan who could speak… But unfortunately then I got what I deserved – 6 episodes about nothing. In desperation, I really hoped the authors would kill someone from the main characters to push the plot a bit. Haha. Instead, I was fed with a tragic story about three titans. And we learned that Krista is Historia and that she is very important. Anything else? Hmmm… bits and pieces. Which we had to extract during dialogues. Have I just said “dialogues”? Sorry. During characters’ speeches. Which were kind of tedious this time.

The last episode was good, again, with that village titans were from, with that new power Eren has in his possession. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that year after (it’s been announced that the third season will be released in 2018) I’ll still be able to remember what what that last episode and this story in general are about. Moreover, after the first season I did care about this anime, I was looking forward to the second one. All that left after these 12 episodes is “Okay, I’m done with it and can watch something more interesting now”.


Had I only written something good about Tsukigakirei and this anime immediately decided to remind me that shit happens. Seems that they hired some guys who hadn’t seen anime at all and, surely, hadn’t made any shows in their lives. Animation in this episode is horrible. Its quality varies from frame to frame, at the same time being stable awful. That’s especially upsetting because in terms of plot the episode is very cute (he’s waiting Mizuno after school, they’re spending time together at the festival, etc.) Probably, this is kind of a trend in the genre of romantic anime, Orange recently also demonstrated that they knew how to make something that might be called “animation” only if you close your eyes and (ideally) turn the display off, in the episode 9 if I’m not mistaken.

Tsukigakirei is a very pleasant surprise this season is presenting us with. It’s stupid, it’s simple, it’s about relationships not even between high-school but middle-school students – and still it conjures up emotions. I’m swearing, I’m cursing two main characters because they are so spineless and hesitant – but continue on watching despite all that.

I’d like to say many good words about “Uchouten Kazoku” and “Sakura Quest” but do I really need to do that? I’m sure that a lot of people expected them to be good and P.A. Works just aren’t making any mistakes in these anime (haven’t made so far, at least).

“Kado” actually is a weird anime. It’s first “what a twist!” happened in the end of 8th episode (that’s why I decided to write a few words, to be honest) and probably we should’ve understood that Yaha Kui Zashunina isn’t a Good Samaritan. That he might be a wicked person whose goals are far from being innocent and educational. But this was so funny!


Shindo-san doesn’t look like the smartest guy in the world but the authors are regularly trying to remind us that he is. That he is the Best Negotiator and we can leave him in charge of all Important Decisions. Sorry, I just really feel an urge to use capital letters when think about Kado. I was talking about Shindo… yeah, after he has spent more than a month with an alien, it seems that he still hasn’t asked and hasn’t even thought about such things as “Why is this anisotropic person doing all this? What are his goals? What will we have to give him? – because nothing is free, humans know it as noone else.”  The scene with Tsukai-san’s family was nice, though.

I feel sorry that I write mostly negative things about Kado – the anime isn’t bad, actually. But unfortunately I still can’t find anything that would allow this show to stand out, to become an anime our kids will be learning in their anime classes at school. At least, to become a show whose characters’ names I can recall some time after.


Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken

A transfer student, Tetsuko Alisugawa (Arisugawa?) isn’t very fortunate. Her new classmates try to bully her (not very successfull, though) and her desk in the new class had been empty for a long time because the student who seated there apparently was killed under some suspicious circumstances. To make things worse, Tetsuko lives in the same house and in the same room in which that killed student lived. However, no one really knows anything about this murder and whether there was a murder at all. The girl decides to investigate things herself and the first person she needs to ask about everything is Hana, her classmate who doesn’t go to school.

This anime isn’t very deep, but I liked how the main character, Tetsuko (Alice) is acting – she is the main star here and she is really believable. She isn’t a good girl with childhood traumas, she isn’t genius, she isn’t funny and if she was real – I’m not sure that I would get along with her. But as an anime character she is wonderful. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about the second girl, Hana, we don’t learn much about her personality, just bits and pieces about her life.

One more frightening thing about this movie is that it’s done using rotoscoping. This is a very peculiar technique, after all, and it might be a negative factor for some people, even though “Hana to Alice”‘s rotoscoping sequences aren’t the worst in the industry.

MAL page

Anime I’d like to re-watch.

This is not a list with recommendations, these anime aren’t “best” in any categories, I watched them many years ago and this nostalgic feast may end up with throwing hands up and asking myself why the hell I watched them before in the first place. But it’s better to try and then get disappointed, right? So, just for myself, if all of a sudden all ongoing anime turn out to be dull, I’ll have this nice short list (or probably, I’ll be adding records to it and it will be not so short).


I miss these characters soo much. Slayers used to be everywhere, at least in our city, in early 2000s, and I’m sure that it was impossible to find anyone who didn’t know such names as Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis or Amelia. Just remembering how Lina read Dragon Slave and Giga Slave conjures up tons of good memories. Moreover, I re-watched the second season several years ago and it was still funny and interesting.

Oruchuban Ebichu

Hamsters rarely happen to be main characters in anime. Especially such smart and loyal as Ebichu. One of the most vulgar and yet the best shows from a studio that used to be my favorite for many years, Gainax. Billions of dubious jokes and a mini-series about Ebichuman. And Ebichu was voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi!


After so many stories about Araragi and his, hm, friends I began slightly forgetting the first anime from this series. One additional plus is that this is one of few stories where we can regularly see Senjogahara because even though I do like Shinobu and Hachikuji, Senjogahara has some unique charm (tsundere power, maybe?)


It was one of the best romantic comedies for me, I read the manga recently also liked it. Hope that the second run will be as entertaining as the first one was. A hat flying to the sky – it has its origins here.

Kino No Tabi

What I can recall about this anime is that is was about a girl who talks with her motorcycle and that the anime doesn’t have a plot – just a bunch of separate stories. back in the day I thought that those stories were serious and intriguing, would be interesting to compare my impressions after some time has passed.

School Rumble

Yep, this is just another school comedy anime but the characters there were hilarious: badass Harima who hopelessly loves Tenma-chan, who, consequently, is patiently waiting when Karasuma-kun finally notices her feelings. But Karasuma is persistent and uncompromising and his choice between Tenma and ramen is obvious. There are two seasons and both were great but I think that even re-watching the first one is enough to get an impressive shot of humor.