Anime Fall 2017: Dropped

Black Clover

I was pretty sure that “Black Clover” would end up in the “dropped” list, the only question was how soon. Turned out that one episode was enough. A character without super-powers in a world where all people have them, his incredibly talented friend – mysterious and rare ability the main hero is presented with… visually nice but absolutely bland show. Should I also mention that the main character is very, very irritating?

Juuni Taisen

Again, it was expected. If the original manga (or ranobe, not sure) was great I’m sure that Shinbou would’ve clung into the idea of making the anime and wouldn’t have allowed it to be made by someone else. Juuni Taisen probably is a good action show and has some catching moments (Rabbit, for example) but everything what’s going on there is kind of meaningless. Dog’s stupid behaviour in the second episode just made the decision much faster.

Umaru-chan R

Even second half of the original Umaru-chan was a little boring, the second season couldn’t improve the situation. Constantly complaining Umaru, who played a soccer match and realized that maybe the had to do the first step to find friends… Ugh – for a first episode of a comedy show this is way too much.


It’s very difficult to make such anime – very colorful, animated and absurd. And it has to have aliens. Trigger can do that, Gainax can (or could, at least)… other attempts are typically not very impressive.¬†Urahara is another unsuccessful one.


One more shounen, this one about a student who’s only passion is robots. First of all – this is Gonzo. If this reason is not convincing enough – Robomasters is full of cliches.

P.S. Looks like a decent season, eh? Just five dropped shows so far. (Six actually, too lazy to look up the name of the anime about vicious relationships between a teacher and her student).



Animelog: Gamers

I’m a lucky person, I rarely watch bad anime. Nowadays it’s easy enough to just say “Fuckit”, drop the show and move to the next one. And it was a huge mistake that I didn’t do that with the anime, pretentiously called “Gamers”. Yeah, it’s not the worst series I’ve seen in my life (it’s difficult to move Tsukuyomi Moon Phase from its pedestal) but it certainly can be placed to the honourable second place.

This anime is not about games and not for gamers. If someone’s hoping that it is and brave to the extent that he or she wants to watch “Gamers” – they definitely just need to give a go to episodes 1, 2 and 12. And skip the rest of the show. Those 3 episodes are okay – and they are about people who play games! All other episodes… they are about stupid characters doing idiotic things. Even the word “stupid” is a compliment, though – because all Gamers’ characters are horribly, impossibly dumb. “Gamers” has no plot. I wished they’d had no heroes and heroines either. All writers managed to come up with are “comedy” and “romantic” scenes (I mentioned that this anime is not about games), which are made on misunderstandings. “Oh, my relationships with my girlfriend is a bit tense (for an absolute ridiculous reason). How am I going to resolve that? Do I need to talk to her directly? Hell, maybe I will try to talk to her at least? Of course, no! I’m going to talk to other girls saying things which are as ambiguous and vague as possible and hope that my girlfriend is listening to our conversations.” How many episodes is it possible to repeat that non very tricky trick? One, two? Haha.

I don’t know Japanese, so there might be a chance that such situations are really possible (I doubt it, though) and we just lost something in English translation. Nevertheless, it won’t change the fact that it’s nearly impossible to find a single reason to watch “Gamers”, except for masochistic purposes.

Any anime about gamers should have a pool episode

Animelog: Tsurezure Children

Incredibly adorable anime about several couples, who’re trying to confess to each other. Moreover, some of those high-school students have already managed to make this very important step and now they’re moving on (the next stage is different for different people, though). High-school students! Who have confessed! And can hold hands! Or even kissed! Oh my god, oh my god, trampoline, trampoline!

I wouldn’t mind if this show got the second season because 12 episodes/12 minutes each is not enough.

Animelog: Sakura Quest

It’s always easy and fun to rant about bad anime but it’s always difficult to find words to explain why a show deserves to be watched. This prologue means that the post is going to be rather short ^_^

First of all, this is a good slice of life story. Yoshino Koharu, who couldn’t find a job in Tokyo accidentally (thanks to Kadota-san and his horrible handwriting!) moves to Manoyama, a town in the middle of nowhere. Her job here is to be a Queen of the Chupakabura Kingdom (don’t even ask). She joins the board of tourism and, along with 4 other girls and eccentric head of the board (aforementioned Kadota) is trying to bring new life into Manoyama. Sakura Quest would’ve been a very typical slice of life anime but…

All main characters are adults. They act like adults. They do things normal people would do and there’s nothing special about them, except Ririko with her obsession with mythical creatures and Maki (barely remembered her name, Detective Oden suits her perfectly). By the end of the show they haven’t even succeeded much in their task to ressurect Manoyama, probably because this task initially looked almost impossible. But! Even results they have achieved are believable – I mean that real people having resources and time the characters have would end up with something similar. Probably, it’s possible to find a couple of suspiciously convenient plot twists and victoriously scream “Deus ex machina, I knew!” but in general everything was knitted altogether nicely.

A few more words on characters. There are plenty of them and even though basically no one of them, except main characters, have their own “plot line” they still are memorable and quickly become familiar. Kadota and kso baba Chitose Oribe, the bus driver, the policeman, Sandal-san of course! City residents, stores owners and guests of the city, thanks to old good 25 episodes we can learn a lot about all of them, much more than just “oh, I member – I’ve seen this guy somewhere!”

Sakura Quest is not Shirobako, even though it’s doubtlessly the product of the same team. Shirobako showed us a whole new world of making an anime and, to be honest, it was a titanic task to keep up with that level PA Works demonstrated a couple of years ago. The story of Yoshino may look slightly more boring and stereotypical but for me it was one of the best boring and stereotypical anime I’ve seen recently.

P.S. I wish I would act like Kadota when I’m 50.

Animelog: New Game!! (and New Game OVA)

The summer anime season is wrapping up and one more show is finished.

Even being more predicable and boring than the original New Game, the second season is a good way to spend 20 minutes in the evening. Even being sort of illogical it didn’t make me swear and throw curses all the time. Yagami Kou is still a nice character and she finally leaves the studio at the end (it looked like “I need a new challenge because if Aoba is my best competitor out there then I’m doomed”). It’s a bit sad that their relationships with Rin still have some uncertainty. We finally met more employees from the programming department and even saw one of their meeting where they publicly were shaming an intern for bugs in the code – don’t even know what to say about that. New characters are okay, although their immediate attempts to declare pretentiously¬† that “I’m not gonna lose” looked like… a typical anime, you know. And I wouldn’t buy the the Eagle Jump’s new game, PECO =)

New Game OVA is a good old episode about girls on hot springs and as a special it has everything fans would dream of – there’s Aoba playing with snowmen number one and number two, Hifumi sitting in an open-air bath and drinking sake, drunk Umiko and, of course, a lot of nudity (that’s shown very decently).

Animelog: Aho girl

Actually, I don’t know what I should write about this one. The anime is about a girl named Yoshiko. A girl who is literally an aho. She likes her childhood friend A-kun (and pretty convinced that he’s in love with her as well but too shy to confess), likes her Dog but her true love is bananas. Bananas, stupid jokes and panties – these parts sum up basically everything about this anime.

Why did we watch it? Well, it’s bearable. For me, it’s muuuch more bearable than Gamers (it’s going to be a long rant though, so next time). It contains a couple of really funny moments: ones with Dog, for example, or ones showing how vigorous Yoshiko is. It has a couple of really nice pieces of animation. It’s short after all!