Graf posted a screenshot from Mitsiboshi Colors and yes — this moment is hilarious. The Colors know how to move secretly, not attracting anyone’s attention. (Poor Saito, if I were him I would’ve given up somewhere at the beginning of the first episode.)

2018-03-12 21_33_21-Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 - Watch Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 online in hi

Sacchan is using her charm to distract Saito

2018-03-12 21_34_02-Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 - Watch Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 online in hi

Moving carefully

2018-03-12 21_34_21-Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 - Watch Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 online in hi

Solid Snake? Never heard of him

2018-03-12 21_34_59-Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 - Watch Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 online in hi

Who needs boxes when there are such nice big guys around?


Piano No Mori PV

ANN posted the latest PV of an upcoming anime Piano No Mori. Not a big deal, right? But personally for me it’s a huge deal, because the production studio is GAINAX! They haven’t released a good show in years (C3-bu or Houkago No Pleiades TV almost ruined my faith in anime) but so far Piano No Mori looks at least decently. Yes, this is Fakushima Gainax not the Tokyo branch and I don’t want to be too optimistic… But maybe this time we’ll see the comeback of the greatest anime studio?

Violet Evergarden (the character) made quite a progress in her understanding of human feelings. The most amazing thing is that it’s not clear why this happened and when she became so susceptible and emotional. Probably we should think that books she read influenced her that much. In general, so far the anime is rather meaningless and inconsistent, not even taking into account the tear-squeezing nature of the show. But, man, its visual is gorgeous — and Violet Evergarden is worth watching just because it this factor. It feels that KyAni can afford spending on a single TV episode as much as some studios use for a movie production.


Damn! Watched Puni Puni Poemi once again (well, for me it was “once again”) and turned out that Poemy’s voice actress isn’t Kotono Mitsuishi! After her amazing performance in Excel Saga I was pretty sure that she’d given voice to the fastest-speaking-character-in-anime. Moreover, I believe I read somewhere that it was Mitsuishi-san. All I feel now is disappointment and embarrassment — although, honestly, I shouldn’t be disappointed, Yumiko Kobayashi did a tremendous job (and no wonder that Poemy-chan was calling herself Kobayashi all the time).

P.S. PPP is still one of my favourite comedies. One just needs to look at that animation — Watanabe is a mad genius.

YouTube from time to time suggests me various “Top 10″s and sometimes they’re related to anime. Today it was the “Top 10 anime movies” and it’s really upsetting that looking up something on such channels (it was if I’m not mistaken) people who’re not really familiar with anime may decide that there’s nothing worth watching in a full-length format except Miyazaki’s movies, Ghost In The Shell and Akira. 6 out of 10 movies in the list are made by Ghibli — SIX!

The names of two anime directors pop up in my mind when we’re talking about movies and that’s definitely not Miyazaki (I’m a pretentious jerk who thinks that his only really good movie is The Wind Rises). These names are Mamoru Oshii and Satoshi Kon and this is so sad that one of them drifted away from anime production and started experimenting with live-action movies are other forms of art, whereas Kon is unable to continue his brilliant series of movies for, you know, reasons (oh man! he’d made just 4 movies and one TV show but I’d include him into any Anime Hall Of Fame without any doubts!)

Even without these two we have infamous Makoto Shinkai — the guy who can draw sky, wires and teapots as no one else in the industry. We have Momoru Hosoda, who would’ve deserve mentioning even if he hadn’t filmed anything except “Summer Wars“.

We have “Honneamise No Tsubasa” from Gainax. We have “Saint Onii-san“. We have “End of Evangelion” (I appreciate the quality of visual of this movie even though pretend that it doesn’t belong to the Evangelion universe), “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” and K-ON’s voyage to London. We have Vampire Hunter D, Darkside Blues and Jin Roh.

So many amazing movies… but all we hear around is Porco Rosso or Spirited Away.

Fate/Extra Last Encore, we’re taking off

I watched Fate Stay Night and Fate Zero but never considered myself as a fan of this universe (and I’ve never played a single Fate game). However, I can’t just drop Fate/Extra despite the fact that it’s first episode was messy as hell. Just because Shaft.

Just take a look at these designs — this is pure beauty ^_^

2018-01-28 12_27_41-[kooritsukai-UMU] Fate Extra Last Encore - 01 [720p].mkv2018-01-28 12_28_21-[kooritsukai-UMU] Fate Extra Last Encore - 01 [720p].mkv

Character design is not so wonderful though (a lot of familiar faces, right?)

2018-01-28 12_29_34-[kooritsukai-UMU] Fate Extra Last Encore - 01 [720p].mkv2018-01-28 12_30_10-[kooritsukai-UMU] Fate Extra Last Encore - 01 [720p].mkv2018-01-28 12_31_06-[kooritsukai-UMU] Fate Extra Last Encore - 01 [720p].mkv