PGW 2017

Ghost of Tsuhima looks amazing, imagining something like The Witcher but in Japanese setting (and probably without any jokes):

Another game I look forward too:


Persona 5 sometimes surprises, didn’t even realize initially who that nice lady Becky was. And it’s possible to build relationships with her! Considering girls I’ve met in the game so far, it might be a good idea (a bit vicious, though) to know my homeroom teacher slightly better.

Persona 4’s choices were much easier – they immediately introduced you to the local Yamato Nadesico – Yukiko.

Gameslog: Titanfall 2 and Inside


Finished the single player campaign. I suck at shooters but anyway, the game is a lot of fun. First of all, it looks great. I really like how clear everything is and how materials and posteffects are made. Second, it’s a fast paced game, with tons of acrobatics (reminds of Warframe a bit, hehe). But (as a third point) – the game is fast only when you’re running around as a pilot. It gives a totally different gameplay once you’re inside your Titan. I remember I was watching Gundam Seed and was absolutely excited of how powerful mechas looked there comparing to people and “normal” machines such as tanks. Titanfall gives the same excitement, even though this part is much harder to play to me – you have to rely more on the abilities and less on your speed.

I even started playing multiplayer a bit. This is kind of embarrassing because I can’t get rid of the feeling that I’m pulling the team down, but still a couple of matches in the evening looks like a huge step forward for a person, who generally don’t play online.


The visual is soo nice! Volumetrics everywhere, great lighting, water, reflections. The story itself didn’t touch me much but I often don’t pay attention to games’ plots.

Until Dawn

Hah, seems that the number of games I finished increased dramatically after I bought a PS4 =) The last victim is a horror game Until Dawn.

“Your actions will change the outcome of the game.”
“Create your own unique story.”
“Every small detail matters.”

Bath towels – the kind of clothing that never lets you down

Until Dawn is a “movie-game” about 8 people, who’re trying to survive a night in an empty resort in Alberta.

The game mixes all known types of scary things – Japanese horrors, zombies, a maniac who’s running after our characters. Must admit that the mix is rather successful. Yeah, the story is full of clich├ęs and if it was a movie we’d probably just skip it without any regrets. But for a video game this is definitely something new. All pieces are glued together well enough, we’re getting all necessary explanations and I didn’t feel that I was being tricked. Choices… they matter. Not to the extent they might’ve but the number of people who’ll make it through the night is certainly depends on what you’re selecting in dialogues and how you’re acting in key scenes.

Choices, choices…

What else… the game looks really well, especially in static (some animations are a bit weird, Mike’s in particular). Until Dawn is a scary game, especially in its first half, so it’s a good idea to play it in the evening and with turned off light. While in general everything in the game is “fine” some moments are above average – like episodes with the psychiatrist or a beautiful video I found in the sanatorium.

One of features of the game – the actors were used not only for the motion capture but as, you know, actors

The Witcher 3

Despite the size of The Witcher 3 (it’s huge!) I’m going to write just a few lines about this game, which I, finally, finished the other day.

First of all, about its graphics – I’m pretending to be a graphics programmer, after all. Considering the vast world of the game I’m not able to find anything worth rambling about. The characters and everything else in the game look a bit stylized but altogether it feels like real medieval cities/villages with real humans and not-so-humans inhabiting these places. And the game runs pretty smoothly on PS4.

Time to express some love. The most valuable asset of the game is its dialogues. The story is good enough, side quests can allow you to spend a hundred hours there, easily (although I wouldn’t say that they are incredibly elaborate, except those in Novigrad). But for me the conversations became the main reason to return back to the Geralt’s adventure again and again. CD Project Red’s writers did great job, pushing the player to try various options in dialogues, just to hear another sarcastic comment or a joke (I wish there were more options sometimes). “(Vesemir) Yes, Yen is already in the castle. I understand that she is a strong emancipated woman but Geralt, why did she throw away a bed from the window? (Gerald, expressionless, as usual) -Hm, it’s a shame. It was a good bed.” “(Someone, who has just handed over a not very pleasant task to Geralt) Seems, you’re not excited about this, are you? (Geralt) No, I’m very excited. It’s mutagens that don’t allow me to show all the joy I’m experiencing.” And so on, and so forth. If you know the story of relationships between characters it might be even more interesting.

What I don’t like is Ciri. I didn’t feel any sympathy for this character when was reading the Witcher books and the game’s writers carefully brought all traits I didn’t like about her into the video game version. All chapters where I had to play as this, hm, Witcheress, looked totally out of the game. I’d rather play as one of sorceressess, this would be an absolutely different gameplay (though I’ve never understood the Yennifer’s charm Geralt fell for). Triss, yes. I would play as Triss =)

The second minus (relative, I’m sure that for many people this is not a minus) is the the end of the game is kind of long. Too long, to my taste. I was about to throw victoriously hands in the air when had defeated the Wild Hunt but it appeared to be just the First Final Battle. Then we had the Second Final Battle. And then we had the Final Scenes. And Geralt had to run as a delivery boy preparing for either of the big fights in the end.

The last minus – I really wanted more choices in dialogues. Not just “You’re either going to steal horses with us or we’ll start a fight and Ciri will be disappointed”. Some quests gave me such opportunities, a lot of them – didn’t.

Anyway, The Witcher 3 is a monumental piece of art, which is going to be a long-standing standard for all developers who want to develop a modern RPG.

Ha, in addition to the Rule 34 there should be another rule – that it’s possible to find cosplay dedicated to anything (didn’t expect to see one based on The Order):

Root Letter

Despite my long-standing interest in anime, all these years I thought that I’d been missing one very closely related thing – visual novels and dating simulator games. “It’s time to fix this omission!” I told myself two weeks ago and bought two games of this genre. Today finished the first one, “Root Letter”.

Well, I was lucky to start with this game because, at least, it gives a player a unique for visual novels opportunity to do… something. I could move, ask, use items and event think! Also we have: a plot of average silliness about a penpal from 15 years ago and her former classmates who don’t want to reveal where she is; a bunch of mostly nice (Four-Eyes irritated me a lot, though) characters; and really good backgrounds. Yep, the game looks great and this helps to get through (sometimes) very weird scenes and unpleasant behaviour of the main character.

What a game without an old pervert

The game offers 4 endings, one of them is supposed to be the true ending of the story but I limited my acquaintance with “Root Letter” by just one of them (and by watching the “correct” ending on YouTube, I’m a cheater, yeah). Maybe one day I’ll manage to run through this novel one more time but currently it’s even hard to imaging how it must be difficult to play such a game twice or maybe even three times in a row, repeating the same scenes and dialogues.

However, I think that this experiment had some success, and my next game is already defined – it’s the very popular “Steins; Gate”. Will be interesting to compare it with the anime.

P.S. One of the funniest moments there is that we have an UFO research lab and its founders’ names are Morita and Sugari. They look familiar, don’t they? =)