Gamelog: Steins;Gate 0

To prove my stupidity one more time I finished this, hm, game just one month before the anime starts airing. I aggravated everything even more after discovering that the true ending couldn’t be achieved after the first play-through — and watched other endings on youtube (you know, once you started doing stupid things it’s very difficult to stop.) Well, at least now I know that the show is going to be decent =)

Basically, it’s the same good old Steins;Gate but instead of the “mad scientist” Hooin Kyoma we have a questionable pleasure to observe his depressed version, Linthalo Okabe, who couldn’t save Kurisu and gave up on everything. All the gang is here though — Mayushi with her famous Tuturuu♪, supa-hacka Daru, Faris Nyan-Nayn and so on. Among the new characters it’s impossible not to mention Maho. First of all, she is one of the main heroes here. Second, all five in-game jokes are dedicated to her.

Steins;Gate’s gameplay is an ideal representation of what any game should be — you systematically press a single button scrolling dialogs. Very convenient, because I could play using one hand and holding a beer in the other one. There are a few points where the player should make a choice but all these key moments are based on whether you’re going to use your in-game smartphone or not. Until the very end I didn’t figure out what button had to be used in order to answer a call or a RINE message, so I just went with the flow and managed to get an ending, which can be considered as a “good” one. Ignorance is bliss.


Going to spam a bit with screenshots of Horizon: Zero Dawn. This is a beautiful game and I can’t stop saving images after I discovered that a screenshot can be taken just holding the Share button for a second. I can’t even find the words, which would describe what a job the rendering department of Guerrilla Games and the department responsible for the world layout and level design did. The sky, clouds, sun, rays, trees, grass, rivers, waterfalls — everything is exactly how it should be.

Aloy, unfortunately, turned out to be a slightly annoying character, who’s supposed to be someone we should sympathize with (she’s an outcast, the tribe hates her and is afraid of her at the same time and so on and so forth ) but in reality her unstoppable boasting and “I! I! Me! Me!” may drive nuts even those of us who have a lot of patience (something I’ve never been able to call my strength).

Virtually the first conversation Aloy had with someone who wasn’t Rost immediately transformed into her blaming the other guy: “Why don’t you want to talk to me? I’ve been an outcast for the whole life, but you have a focus and I thought you’d be different…” What if he is just not in a mood for a chitchat? And of course this guy is a villain. Or her answer to a questions like “Is the caravan survived?” Of course, it’s “Yes, I got there in time”.

Well, I complained a little so it’s time for wonderful screenshots full of interface elements because I’m a lazy asshole who doesn’t turn the photomode on.

These clouds…

This place is probably my favorite now — it’s simply wonderful

Gamelog: Infamous Second Son

It’s impossible to play the latest Infamous game without comparing it with the first two. I finished either of them and like both. The first Infamous was something new — an open-world game about superheroes where you can play as a bad guy and that would be your choice and not something forced on you (as opposite to GTA). The plot was also a decent one (Cole returning to himself from the future, it was a good move). Second chapter was prettier, New Marais looked beautifully — it wins my personal nomination as the “Best city in Infamous” and was fun to play, despite its weaker story.

Unfortunately, in general, comparison of the Second Son with its predecessors will not be in its favour. And mostly because of its main character and its writing. Delsin Rowe is a terrible character: arrogant, stupid, self-centered (and a hipster! <old-man-yells-at-cloud.jpg>). I have no idea if we’re supposed to like him, but if we are — it’s incredibly difficult to me to figure out why. The plot, in its turn, tries to justify the idea that even if you’re such a Delsin, even if you don’t have any clue what you’re doing but have a lot of energy and confidence that “a man gotta do what a man gotta do” — you shouldn’t stop. Despite the fact that consequences may be terrible. And I finished the game as a good guy! Can’t even image what playing as a bad Delsin looks like. Not mentioning that the story is full of cliche.

Graphics in the Second Son is gorgeous. Neon everywhere, wet streets with reflections all around you. Particles, effects — eye candy. Gameplay is great and a lot of fun. New powers… Well, I wouldn’t mind if the game had just electricity but 4 types of powers don’t make this Infamous worse. It could’ve become a 10/10 game if it didn’t have such a main character.

Persona 5 sometimes surprises, didn’t even realize initially who that nice lady Becky was. And it’s possible to build relationships with her! Considering girls I’ve met in the game so far, it might be a good idea (a bit vicious, though) to know my homeroom teacher slightly better.

Persona 4’s choices were much easier – they immediately introduced you to the local Yamato Nadesico – Yukiko.

Gameslog: Titanfall 2 and Inside


Finished the single player campaign. I suck at shooters but anyway, the game is a lot of fun. First of all, it looks great. I really like how clear everything is and how materials and posteffects are made. Second, it’s a fast paced game, with tons of acrobatics (reminds of Warframe a bit, hehe). But (as a third point) – the game is fast only when you’re running around as a pilot. It gives a totally different gameplay once you’re inside your Titan. I remember I was watching Gundam Seed and was absolutely excited of how powerful mechas looked there comparing to people and “normal” machines such as tanks. Titanfall gives the same excitement, even though this part is much harder to play to me – you have to rely more on the abilities and less on your speed.

I even started playing multiplayer a bit. This is kind of embarrassing because I can’t get rid of the feeling that I’m pulling the team down, but still a couple of matches in the evening looks like a huge step forward for a person, who generally don’t play online.


The visual is soo nice! Volumetrics everywhere, great lighting, water, reflections. The story itself didn’t touch me much but I often don’t pay attention to games’ plots.