A few words about E3. It wasn’t the most exciting conference in recent years, at work people were praising Nintendo but I can’t share their delight simply because I haven’t had any Nintendo consoles and wouldn’t say that I’m going to buy one.

However, there still were interesting presentations.

Far Cry 5. Really like its settings and the gameplay video Ubisoft showed looked like a lot of fun.

Ni No Kuni 2 – will buy this game without even a single shred of doubt.

God Of War – look forward to playing it, pretty sure that Sony Santa Monica will raise the bar in terms of graphics;

Detroit: Become Human – I just like Kage’s games. Even despite the fact that this game might end up as a linear movie =)

Not many, eh?


Haven’t played any game in the Far Cry series but this one, with number 5 in the name, has something in it (maybe I just like the setting). And that could be a great slogan “Souls do not harvest themselves” =)

Just increased the number of games I finished on PS4 up to one. I’m done with Uncharted 4.

First if all – I’m really surprised that no one of the main characters is killed. I expected that it’d be Sully and was half-sure about Elena (especially after the scene where she imitated for a few moments that she’s dead) – but everything ended well. Elena and Nathan’s couple is simply great, all their dialogues; the relationships between Nate and his brother look like a sidekick, although we spend most of time looking at this pair. The final scene, with Cassie, was also superb, really liked it.

For me the game was difficult – especially shooting scenes, partially because I decided to go with the highest difficulty level that’s available at start (after the first completion it’s possible to play on crashing mode). After all it’s taken 23 hours and more then two weeks of real time to finish the game (I’m kinda slow, I know).

And now it’s Witcher 3 time! I think that it’ll make me busy for quite some time =)

Uncharted 4, first impressions

To be honest, I didn’t expect much after Naughty Dog announced that the new Uncharted game was in development. I was even disappointed. All three games were really enjoyable, with great characters – characters and dialogs along with the graphics quality were the main selling points of the game, but I was (and I am) sure that any piece of art, whether it’s a book or a game, should have a finish point. For me Uncharted 3, my favorite part of the trilogy, was such a point.

Well, I can only spread my hands. So far, and I’ve finished 8 chapters (and missed so many treasures T_T), it seems like the newest Drake’s adventure is still capturing. The dialogs are witty and unobtrusive (probably, I’ve used these words for the first time in my life), the scene with Elena is one of the best things I’ve seen in video games so far, the pace of gameplay doesn’t let get bored (even though now the game has more stealth moments). A couple of downsides are slides and the hook – and you will use either rather often.

P.S. Still hope that this is the last chapter of the story =)

AAA! I want to play this game so much! And we’re going to have some great cosplay photos soon, I’m sure (we’ve already¬†had, actually). Guerrilla Games have made a tremendous job and I’m already in love with how the game looks =)