95 hours well spent

ni no kuni platinum


Tennocon 2018

A lot of new amazing stuff.

The trailer:

The full demo playthrough (Rebecca, Megan and Danielle have insane skills — they did everything live):

The full story

And, as a bonus video — the song ♪ ^_^

E3 2018

I wasn’t very excited about E3 this year but there were 3 games I definitely look forward to playing to.

Ghost of Tsushima is a “Shut up and take my money” game — I’m in love with its aesthetics and (fingers crossed) it will be a lot of fun to play. Even though it resembles a Japanese version of The Witcher 3 (without humour probably but the main hero even has a horse, Nobu) Ghost looks like something fresh.

The Last of Us 2 is simply beautiful visually. This reason is enough for me to play.

Cyberpunk 2077 offers another fresh and unbeaten setting and I do believe that CD Project RED can make a perfect cyberpunk RPG… but will I still be alive when it’s finally released? It was announced in 2012 and we haven’t seen a single gameplay scene yet.

Gamelog: God of War

I’m late to this party because all sane people finished the new chapter of Kratos’ journey in a week after it was released — and for me it took almost a month. So my very delayed 2 cents.

I really love the visual of the new game. Materials are pure beauty, lighting, shadows, particles — everything is top notch. Sony Santa Monica decided that it’s a perfect time to be not shy with volumetrics and they are everywhere in the game and add up to its atmosphere. No surprises here =) All the games this studio released so far always looked amazingly.

The situation with the plot and characters is more complicated. After playing God of War: Ascension I kind of hoped that the next game would use another culture as its background and would introduce a new main character. However, here we are again — crashing enemies as Kratos. However, as I said, everything is complicated. Despite sharing his past with the hatred-driven Spartan we all know the new Kratos feels like a different person. That fact sometimes made me sad — I did know who Kratos was and his insanity and brutality were factors which were very important for the game. New Kratos’ brutality is different — it’s sort of sane and full of dignity. Why did he change so much? How did he get to Scandinavia? How did he meet his wife? Why did he decide to stay with her (we all know what happened to his first wife)? We won’t get answers to all these questions. The voice acting is superb though — and you’re going to want to repeat some of his catch phrases in his voice, like “Keep your expectations low and always anticipate an attack”.

Kratos has a son now. On the one hand he’s a source of a few good jokes (stories on the Lake Of Nine, for example) on the other — a major pain in the ass we have to put up with. The plot line dedicated to Atreus is very straightforward and you know what’s going to happen (serious, did anyone think that Kratos would end up killing him at some point?) His apparent true nature… it was a mandatory “What a twist!” moment. It made some sense but also contradicts parts of Norse mythology, we’ll see how it will be explained in other games.

And there are going to be other games. We saw only a couple gods — basically, Freya and Baldur (oh, that Baldur who was a god of spring and everything began blooming and shining when he appeared — what of this description may be applied to Baldur we meet in the game?) Obviously, Thor and Odin will show up later — during the game Kratos is constantly being told about them.

Gameplay is fine. I wasn’t especially into customization/upgrades part but everything else was interesting and fun. Going to finish side quests and obtain all collectibles now.

As a final word — as I said in the beginning, the game looks great, both from the technical and design standpoints — and I’ve made probably a hundred of screenshots, so will post them as a slideshow at some point =)

Detroit: Become Human demo

Don’t want to be too optimistic but the demo is very good. We have an opportunity to play the scene we saw on E3 — where you need to save a girl who’s is being kept as a hostage. There are 5 or 6 possible outcomes, so far I reached one of them and Nastya got 3 more (thanks to the length of the demo, a single playthrough takes only about 10 minutes). Gameplay resembles Heavy Rain and this is a good thing — you’re looking for clues, talking to people, reconstructing the crime scene and so on. Visually the game looks very good — soft shadows, good lighting; animation is a little android-ish but that’s noticeable mostly because environment and characters look very realistic.

I looked forward to playing this game and the demo just reassured me that it must give it a try. Maybe one more game I’ll buy on the release day (bad, bad me).

A bunch of new screenshots from Ni No Kuni 2.

I’ve played about 20 hours and somewhere in the middle of the game I guess. Locations in the game is its best part (this and simple but nice jokes) — Goldpaw is my favourite place now. Gameplay-wise everything is more complicated, there is a lot of mechanics and honestly I don’t care about virtually all of them. Weapons or armor? Once in a few hours I check out what I have a equip the best ones. Spells? Don’t even know if I got any new. Higgledies (or Funya) are so sweety-cutie that it’s even annoying. Kingdom building is a big part of the game and you have to do it whether you want it or not because the story requires some improvements that can be made only when the level of your kingdom is at least 2 (to level it up you need to finish 2/3 of available side quests because that’s apparently the only way to recruit new citizens the certain number of citizens is one if the level-up requirements). The same goes for skirmishes — you have to play them because at least one quite a high-level combat is an unavoidable part of the story.

In general — the game is super-relaxing and a lot of fun to play (despite my complaining).