GDC 2018

Some great talks:

Two awesome talks on precomputed lighting in Frostbite (a source of inspiration for our in-house lightmapping tech!)

Real-Time Raytracing for interaction GI workflows in Frostbite

Rendering and Antialiasing in Detroit: Become Human

Terrain rendering in Far Cry 5 (I’m not very familiar with the state of art in this area so it was a super interesting presentation to read)

The asset build system of Far Cry 5


Nova preview

Steve twitted this video, so I guess I can share it as well =) This is some WIP of a new lightmapper that’s being developed at DE

Seems that the question “do I need to multiply or divide by pi here?” should be considered as one of the most difficult in computer graphics. And it’s wonderful that there are some people who spent their time and wrote posts and source code on this topic.

Have to add that the whole MJP’s series on baking lighting is wonderful

Grasping grains of information about new Wolfenstein and can’t wait to see/read the next year’s Siggraph presentation on its tech. Doom was one of the first titles that implemented a Vulkan rendering path and it seems that Wolfenstein is one of the first ones that uses this API. 30K draw calls, hail Mary full of grace! Volumetrics, async compute and, I’m pretty sure, tons of other great stuff!

And while we’re waiting it’s a great moment to refresh our memory and read what Doom’s rendering looked like:


A good collection of links with info related to HZB occlusion culling (hierarchical z buffer occlusion culling). Like this method – very straightforward and rather effective.