The main takeaway after the Cannibal Corpse’ show in London — Corpsegrinder is not a human but a machine. He was headbanging non-stop for almost an hour. When he was not singing — he was doing his famous windmill. He’s also a funny guy — in one of his interactions with the crowd he said “Okay motherfuckers, now it’s time to headbang with me. And try to keep up! Of course, you will fail, miserably. Because I’m the champ! But there’s no harm in trying”. Not a word about the Alliance though.

Webster is amazing and thanks to the sound engineers at the concert — everything could be heard pretty great including his bass lines.

Thy Art is Murder, on the other hand, turned out to be a surprisingly monotonous band. I mean, it’s not that I listen to their records all the time and had been waiting impatiently for their show here — but as a rule, it’s more interesting to listen to any band live. Was not the case with these Australians.

This November has been crazy so far and the next show is on the 25th — Death Angel are visiting our city!

We saw Alestorm live for the second time! It was a pretty different experience comparing to the first time — 5 or 6 years ago we were at their concert in Moscow, which was at a quite big club, this time they played in London at a tiny venue “Call the Office”, so the crowd could literally touch them. Not sure whether a bigger place wasn’t available or the organizers decided that Alestorm wouldn’t draw a huge number of people. Anyway, it was a damn good concert! It was a cheap but effective move to play a few Queen songs before the band got on stage — everyone immediately began singing and we’re singing during the entire Alestorm setlist! Which was two songs shorter than it should’ve been (no “Pegleg Potion” and “Wolves of the Sea” for us T_T) but still had pretty much all the tracks one would expect to sing hear. In the end, in a moving gesture, Christopher Bowes said that they’d like to express what they thought about us from the bottom of their hearts and they sang “Fuck you with an anchor”. During the song the band and the audience were happily showing middle fingers to each us and Alestorm finished all that with the phrase “Fuck you, London!” What a moment of unity, it was so powerful! I’m still tearing up a little.

Also I bought this beauty, couldn’t resist (the material is not velur-ish as appears on this picture though):

November is going to be a busy month. Alestorm are playing on the 9th, Cannibal Corpse on 14th and only yesterday I found out that Death Angel included our city in their Humanicide tour, so on the 25th we’ll be listening to these guys. In Flames are playing the next day but I’m not a huge fan, so will skip at least this one =)

And, while I still remember, turned out that Bernemann and Makka Freiwald already founded a new band, Bonded and even released a music video.

Crossed out one more entry from the list of things I need to do in my life — saw legendary Kiss live =) I’m not a true fan, I won’t be able to name all their albums or something like that but, nonetheless, I know and love a bunch of their songs and… this is Kiss, after all!

Must admit, a concert at a venue with capacity ~14k people was an interesting experience. And, of course, Kiss are super professional. The lighting, effects, everything was second to none. They played all the songs the crowd wanted to hear, did all their famous stuff (Simmons breathing fire, spitting blood, etc) — I definitely wasn’t disappointed =)

The question whether Paul Stanley was lip syncing is a subject for future discussions. If he was — well, their sound engineers were great, the transition between the recorded voice and his own, when he was referring to Toronto, was super smooth. I think he sang partially live, partially — just danced behind the mic. Whatever. Simmons is a monster though! This guy is 70 and I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to play until all the end of the world.

The warming up show with a guy painting something on stage was questionable at best though.

P.S. setlist!

We got two good thrash albums in a row. Last week Death Angel released “Humanicide”, and this record sounds exactly like everyone would expect to (and it’s been like that with their 3 or 4 latest albums). Today Xentrix reminded us that they’re still alive, know how to create songs and play them — “Bury the pain” is pretty cool. Wish there was a music video but, well, Xentrix are not Metallica or Rammstein to make 10 videos in the albums’ support.

Yesterday we saw Mudmen live for the second time and that second time was even better than the first concert. It appears that Irish music, bagpipes and beer are meant to be enjoyed together. “The Night That Paddy Murphy Died”, “Dirty Old Town”, “Drink & Fight”, “Whack for the Lassie” and 5 or so bottles of Keiths’ beer made the atmosphere relaxing and friendly and we ended up being involved in a small talk and even dancing a bit, madness.

Kind of amazing and sad that at the beginning of their career Mudmen release music videos and people would catch their songs on TV and radio. I think they deserve more than just playing in small clubs all over Ontario.

Children of Bodom — Hexed

Laiho and Co. released a really solid album! Who would’ve thought I’d say something like that. Maybe I’m getting older and their pop melodic riffs touch something deep inside or for whatever other reason but I listened to “Hexed” (hehe, “whatever other reason” when talking about something with such a title) 3 or 4 times yesterday and my body is ready for a couple more times. ArchEnemy, Children of Bodom, what’s the next step — In Flames?!

The music videos that came out before the release are so-so but could’ve been worse.