So, I’ve been following that Japanese bassist girl, Fami, for a while (I’m starting to suspect that I’m a sucker for watching people who are more talented and put more effort into stuff than I do) and she had been, you know, that mysterious high school girl who never showed her face. Until recently! And turned out that she decided to reveal who she is for a good reason — she joined a band, Lovebites. I’m writing all this because even though I was kinda familiar with this band, for example they played an opening for the latest Mamoru Oshii’s anime Vlad Love, which of course no one watched — that was the first time when I decided to listen to their music more carefully and damn! They’re pretty good! I’m even surprised a little that they apparently are not popular in the West, considering that they play really well, look pretty cute and the songs’ lyrics are in English.

I don’t know if Fami is a good fit for them and whether they are a good fit for her, and how long this collaboration will last — but now I look forward to listening to their new album, Judgement Day, I think it’s coming out next month.

I’m not entirely sure what the hell this is but I totally approve. Momoiro Clover Z, heavy metal and the songs about Mazinger (and they seems to be about Dragon Ball as well), what’s not to like?! An interesting fact is that the drummer here appears to be Scott Travis. Yeah, that guy who plays in the unknown small band Judas Priest.

Annihilator is probably the only thrash band well-known outside of Canada (some perverts also would mention Voivod, so let’s say that we’re talking about classic thrash-metal here, right?) and that’s, honestly, a shame, because there are two more bands which deserve much wider recognition. One of them is Razor and these dudes just released an absolute banger of an album (the first in 25 years! Decibels came out in 1997) — Cycle Of Contempt. This is that rare case when an album doesn’t contain a single weak song. I’ve listened to it 3 times already and it’s 40 minutes of pure relentless thrash, Razor at its best (their old albums are kind of similar, also can highly recommend them).

На этом концерте и в этих песнях Мастер наверное звучит как они никогда уже не будут. Серышев и Шендер тут жгут. Не повезло людям которые могут только сходить на концерт современной версии группы (ага, трава раньше была зеленее).

Corpsegrinder, the owner of the sexiest most famous neck in the world, quietly released his solo album and it’s actually pretty good. The music is more straightforward than Cannibal Corpse’s opuses but it’s not a bad thing, I’m actually a fan of songs I could headbang along with without having to think that the tempo is going to change unexpectedly or to adjust to some 11/8-like time signatures =)

I learned that “Blood In Blood Out” was initially recorded with Rob Dukes’ vocals and it’s possible to find the rough mixes of some of these songs. Not gonna lie, after having listened to them I’m kind of disappointed that eventually the album came out with Zetro’s singing. Rob Dukes may sound pretty standard (why this is a minus is beyond me), but I definitely prefer his much more aggressive style.

British thrashers Evile reminded everyone that it doesn’t matter how many or who of Drake brothers play in the band. Ol left, Ol returned, Matt left, Ol took over vocal duties and Evile released the best album since the debut one. I stumbled upon “Enter the Grave” by accident but it immediately became one of the albums I always had on my player. Good old times, when mp3 players were a thing. That was a great record, even though it was a bit naive and raw. “Hell Unleashed” is everything but naive. It’s even faster than “Enter the Grave”, very straightforward and absolutely ferocious. It’s brutally hammering you for half an hour and if I had to compare this album to something — it would be “Arise”. Ol Drake shamelessly said himself that “Arise” and “Beneath the Remains” were a huge inspiration for him while he was writing songs and that’s noticeable.

P.S. And while I’m on it… Cannibal Corpse also released a fantastic album, “Violence Unimagined”. I was kind of lukewarm about this band for a long period of time but “A Skeletal Domain” made me change my mind and every next record is only getting better.

Sometimes I hate anime. Have been watching Idolmaster for some time and it sort of became my go-to show to relax in the evening — dumb but kind, something that netflix would probably call a “feel good” show. But in episode 20 authors decided that it’s time to squeeze some tears out of me and began punching me with Chihaya’s arc, methodically and sadistically. But that was not enough. To make sure I wouldn’t get away, when I was already down they kicked me with 約束. God damn, I’m quite a stone-hearted bastard but it’s impossible not to tear up watching and listening to this. The singer herself broke down and started crying performing this song live. Cheap tricks, A-1, cheap tricks you used there.