Yesterday we saw Mudmen live for the second time and that second time was even better than the first concert. It appears that Irish music, bagpipes and beer are meant to be enjoyed together. “The Night That Paddy Murphy Died”, “Dirty Old Town”, “Drink & Fight”, “Whack for the Lassie” and 5 or so bottles of Keiths’ beer made the atmosphere relaxing and friendly and we ended up being involved in a small talk and even dancing a bit, madness.

Kind of amazing and sad that at the beginning of their career Mudmen release music videos and people would catch their songs on TV and radio. I think they deserve more than just playing in small clubs all over Ontario.


Children of Bodom — Hexed

Laiho and Co. released a really solid album! Who would’ve thought I’d say something like that. Maybe I’m getting older and their pop melodic riffs touch something deep inside or for whatever other reason but I listened to “Hexed” (hehe, “whatever other reason” when talking about something with such a title) 3 or 4 times yesterday and my body is ready for a couple more times. ArchEnemy, Children of Bodom, what’s the next step — In Flames?!

The music videos that came out before the release are so-so but could’ve been worse.

One More For the Road

This song became one of my favorites and proves that latest Dio’s albums are as good (almost) as his famous Holy Diver or The Last In Line. I’m singing all those “Cold day, we can make a fire, burn another liar, can witches ever die?” all day long =(

Seems that Alex Staropoli single-handedly can make any line-up to sound like Rhapsody. I still miss Fabio Lione a little but this song is not bad, due to power metal standards at least =)

Sodom — Partisan

After Onkel Tom all of a sudden changed the entire Sodom lineup back in January I had some doubts regarding the future of the band. As usual, turned out that my concerns had been in vain (no wonder though, considering that Sodom is 99% a Tom’s project). Yesterday the renewed band released a first EP, “Partisan”, containing two brand new songs. Has anything changed? Not exactly. I’m not especially excited about the sound quality but otherwise it’s the same good ol’ Sodom. Hallelujah.