Kataklysm — Meditations

Kataklysm keeps up its pace — every 2 or 3 years they release a new album. No those 5-10 years-long pauses other bands can afford =) I’ve never been a huge fan of them (didn’t even care that they had a show in Voronezh) but after listening to “Taking the World by Storm” I sort of changed my mind and check out their albums on a day they are out, so my ultra-super-short conclusion: “Meditations” is good despite not containing anything new. It sounds like all other Kataklysm’s albums I’m familiar with but that isn’t something bad — a perfect album to listen to at work =)



Discovered a nice band belonging to the NWOBHM — Grim Reaper. Really like the vocal (and this guy, Steve Grimmet, also recorded the album “In Search of Sanity” with another very good British band, Onslaught).

Discovered a beautiful band — Grandpa’s Cough Medicine. These guys and girls play bluegrass and probably are not known anywhere expect the town they proudly reside in. So far the band released 3 albums and I have to say that “The Murder Chord” is definitely worth listening.


Official video

My favourite song (Julianne):

Judas Priest – Firepower

It’s unbelievably hard to realize that the first album these geezers released back in 1974. 1974! 44 years ago. And Firepower shows that Halford & Friends still know how to play, you know, that cool heavy metal. This album is definitely better than their previous two records — Nostradamus and Redeemer of Souls and may be better than Angel Of Retribution (I listened to that one a lot in 2005 when it was released and liked it a lot, so it’s difficult to compare). The music is rather simpler, there are no obvious hits but in general I got an impression as if Judas Priest had finally given up on trying to be innovative and just returned to what they do really well.

They’re playing in London on March 27 so let’s wish them to be in good health — for them this is the most important thing now, hehe.

Went to a Mudmen concert yesterday. These guys proudly call themselves Canadian Celtic Rock Warriors and it’s hard to say that this title is undeserved. Their own songs are good (on the latest album, Old Plaid Shirt, they became slightly more lyrical and slightly less, you know, “Drink and Fight!”-ish but that’s still nice, can’t get out the title song out of my head), their cover songs might be even better — all people enjoy listening to good old Irish songs like “The night that Paddy Murphy Died” or “Irish Rover”… But what makes Mudmen unique is that the band was founded by two brothers who play bagpipes! Bagpipes for the win.

I would also praise the Mudmen’s drummer — great job!

It was a bit weird but fun that one of Campbell brothers before the show started went to every table and offered earbuds, mentioning that “it’s going to be loud”. After the Exodus concert I guess we have nothing to fear. The same brother was also making faces when someone was filming a song, smiling all the time and in general looked as if playing at a tiny place with people seating had always been his biggest dream.

London Music Club (yep, now I’ll always be confusing LM Hall and Club) is a nice small place, with fine beer and decent sound. The owner himself does a huge chunk of work — he was at the doors checking tickets, he took away empty glasses and bottles and once I met him in the men’s, hm, washrooms when he was cleaning up after someone, evidently, had thrown up. It’s great that this club exists (and it’s located just 3 blocks away from our place, hehe), so thanks to him and other staff. The audience consisted mostly of people whose average age is closer to 50 or even maybe 60 — that was surprising. I wish I’d be like them when I’m 50, that I’d be able to go to club, order a couple of beers and listen to good music.