Thanks to Anthrax who might’ve recorded more cover songs than their own I learned about the band Kansas. Wouldn’t say that they are especially impressive but this song is not bad (although I like the Anthrax’ version better)


Annihilator – For The Demented

As usual, I shouldn’t have hoped that it’s going to be a refreshing new step into the bright Annihilator’s feature. Totally bland album with a couple of good songs. Annihilator also created a pretty brutal video on “Pieces of You” — seems it’s a trend to show gore scenes as naturally as possible. Not that I’m against it, just for Annihilator it looks a bit strange.

Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black

Talking about bland albums – no one song stands out on the new Cannibal Corpse’s album (except amazing “Red Before Black”) but the album is great. Years are going but these guys are getting only better and better.

A few thoughts after yesterday’s Exodus concert.

    • London Music Hall’s sound is horrible. I don’t know whether it’s a sound engineer’s fault or sound so awful because of the building itself, but it was impossible to make out a single note in solos. Only low freq could be heard and it’s even a bit funny because when we came come we realized that on a phone’s video solos can be heard (because phones typically suck at recording low-freq sounds). I’m complaining because solos is one of the most important parts of Exodus’ songs.
    • In addition to its quality the sound yesterday was loud. I mean, really loud. I’m still half-deaf.
    • There were a lot of people and they came already warmed up, so when Powertrip started playing it was mosh, blood and headbanging everywhere.
    • Powertrip is a great band. Their vocalist looks like a drug addict =)
    • Beer is very expensive, about $11 per 24 oz. (still haven’t checked out what this quantity means)
    • Exodus live should’ve been much better than Exodus on records and I’m sure they would have proved my theory if sound had been better. Otherwise we could enjoy only drummer’s skills and Zetro’s vocals.


The new album of “The Haunted” is inevitably approaching and they have already released 3 or 4 music videos. I have some fears that the album will be meh, but we’ll see soon.

And liked this song, don’t know why. Was listening today to it for an hour, maybe. Shame.