Harlott – Extinction

It happened! For me, Harlott has become one of the most significant events in the world of thrash metal in recent years and inexorably becoming one of my favorite bands. They have released three full-length albums and one EP, and all, all of them are insanely great. The latest album, “Extinction” has been released today and trust me, this shit will be mercilessly smashing you in the face for 50 minutes without any pauses. My only hope is that these guys aren’t going to to add some “new elements” to their music.

In March, with the 2-weeks interval “Havok” and “Warbringer”, ones of the most famous representatives of modern thrash metal, released their new albums. Havok’s “Conformicide” is better then their previous work, “Unnatural Selection” but still isn’t as aggressive and fast as “Time Is Up”.

On the other hand – Warbringer is a typical Warbringer, despite the fact that the line-up changed almost entirely some time ago.

To sum up, these bands haven’t disappointed but the album I’m really looking forward to the newest Harlott’s one. Three singles they have already released are amazing but I’m not ready to start celebrating yet. Unfortunately, we’ve had so many examples when those two or three songs that are released as singles have nothing to do this the reset of the album.

Listening to Twisted Sister’s songs for several days. It’s even slightly sad that they have disbanded, it’d consider myself as a very lucky guy if I could visit their concert somewhere in Toronto, for example. Fortunately, Twisted Sister have wrote a lot of great songs, which worth re-listening.

One of things I’m going to miss a lot is Endless Fear. We’ve been doing that shit for more then 10 years! And I’ve always enjoyed being in the band. Hope that this year won’t be the last one for Endless Fear.

P.S. Started looking for a few photos to post and it seems that we don’t have a single one with current members =( I wish we had some. Especially considering that we’ve been playing for several years in a row without any changes and our current line-up is one of the best and most productive we’ve had.