A couple of song I’ve been listening to a lot recently.

Toxik was a great band — that’s sad that they released only two albums and disbanded (well, technically speaking, they started playing again some time ago but the world is still waiting their next LP). Don’t know which album is better, “Think this” or “World Circus” — but this song from “Think this” is amazing.

This song is simple and nice — I can easily imagine myself getting drunk and playing it.


It’s nice to discover new good bands, which may be not great, which might’ve released a couple of albums and then disbanded — but those one-two albums deserve to be listened to at least once or twice. The latest catch is a German band Pyracanda (I had to write it here, otherwise I’ll definitely forget their name)

A concert with a line-up including Slayer, Testament and Anthrax can’t be bad by definition — so no words of excitement, just facts.

Napalm Death’s vocalist is wild but unlikely that will make me listen to them. But his stage behaviour is… something.

Testament were super relaxed and played a good set that included universally loved “Over the Wall” and “Into The Pit”. Minus one point for skipping “Disciples of the Watch”. Turned out that Gene Hoglan is again behind the drums for Testament — I had to re-check that because my eyes aren’t sharp and I could’ve easily mistaken him for another guy.

It was a bad idea to include Anthrax as a warming up band. I kind of looked forward to the Testament’s part because I hadn’t seen them live but, frankly, Anthrax stole the show (comparing to their Bay Area colleagues) — my neck started aching after “Madhouse”. They started and finished the set with “Cowboys from Hell” and it was a great thing.

Completely skipped “Lamb of God”. First, I’m not a fan of them. Second — we had to be ready for the main part.

Slayer performed a long set and gave the audience everything we wanted to hear. There were songs from almost all albums and for me it’s hard to find a song I wish they’d played in addition. It was the first concert with fire effects I saw and I can only imagine how hot it was on the stage because even on the more than 10m distance we could feel the heat. But it looked truly demonic sometimes (“Hell Awaits” with fire all over the place — it was brutal). Araya didn’t talk much, just in the end said that they’re going to miss us. We’re going to miss them too (although we’re lucky bustards we saw the original Slayer line-up with Lombardo and alive Hanneman).

Powerwolf, The Sacrament Of Sin

Powerwolf’s a a synonym of stability. Every two or three years they release a new album that sounds pretty much like previous ones, songs are dedicated to the same topics as songs on the previous ones, etc. Surprisingly, I’m still not bored!

The only significant minus of The Sacrament of Sin is that it sounds even more pop-like than Blessed and Possessed, for instance. “Demons are a girl’s best friend” or “Stossgebet” barely can be called “metal” at all. The second part of the deluxe edition, covers on Powerwolf’s songs is also worse than we heard before (the versions of Conquistadors and The Evil That Men Do from the previous album found the spot in my playlist immediately). However, the rest of the album is good and I’m going to listen to it 10-15 times.

Kataklysm — Meditations

Kataklysm keeps up its pace — every 2 or 3 years they release a new album. No those 5-10 years-long pauses other bands can afford =) I’ve never been a huge fan of them (didn’t even care that they had a show in Voronezh) but after listening to “Taking the World by Storm” I sort of changed my mind and check out their albums on a day they are out, so my ultra-super-short conclusion: “Meditations” is good despite not containing anything new. It sounds like all other Kataklysm’s albums I’m familiar with but that isn’t something bad — a perfect album to listen to at work =)


Discovered a nice band belonging to the NWOBHM — Grim Reaper. Really like the vocal (and this guy, Steve Grimmet, also recorded the album “In Search of Sanity” with another very good British band, Onslaught).