Great graphics stuff:

And beautiful talk on materials in Call of Duty:

Can’t wait to read other Siggraph papers – seeing a lot of excitement about them!


Want to try dedicating some amount of time at home to programming. My first guinea pig is a very trendy language Rust. So many people (and very smart people!) are crazy about it so even my very conservative and lazy brain agreed that “maybe there’s some gold in these hills”.

One more of my fascinating traits is that I’m a kind of stupid, so my first idea is to implement a triangle using Vulkan because why not. The big plan looks like this:

logging, math (just to familiarize myself with a rust a bit) -> import vulkan functions and simple wrappers around swapchains, command buffers, etc. -> ??? -> Profit!

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Very helpful stuff! Even though PBR is used everywhere now and there are dozens of articles in the net dedicated to this topic – it’s still quite difficult to implement it “right” offhand and it’s great when you can compare your results with something. Especially if this “something” is WebGL based and don’t require compilation/installation and other -tions =)