Crossed out one more entry from the list of things I need to do in my life — saw legendary Kiss live =) I’m not a true fan, I won’t be able to name all their albums or something like that but, nonetheless, I know and love a bunch of their songs and… this is Kiss, after all!

Must admit, a concert at a venue with capacity ~14k people was an interesting experience. And, of course, Kiss are super professional. The lighting, effects, everything was second to none. They played all the songs the crowd wanted to hear, did all their famous stuff (Simmons breathing fire, spitting blood, etc) — I definitely wasn’t disappointed =)

The question whether Paul Stanley was lip syncing is a subject for future discussions. If he was — well, their sound engineers were great, the transition between the recorded voice and his own, when he was referring to Toronto, was super smooth. I think he sang partially live, partially — just danced behind the mic. Whatever. Simmons is a monster though! This guy is 70 and I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to play until all the end of the world.

The warming up show with a guy painting something on stage was questionable at best though.

P.S. setlist!


After 15 months of waiting we’re close to getting our PR status in Canada. Yesterday we received the confirmation of permanent residence, so the only thing that’s left — an interview with an immigration officer. Even though “permanent” doesn’t actually mean that and we’ll still have to renew the documents later, I hope that it’ll be a bit easier than getting a new visa and new work permit every year.

One of the signs that it’s going to be an interesting Saturday is when you’re checking out the credit card transactions history and see a $1000 purchase you haven’t made. After I said a bunch of M-rated words regarding all that, I reached the store and they didn’t find anything related to my phone number, name or even this credit card. Considering that it was the first time I got involved in a credit card fraud, let’s say, face to face, it was a bit stressful. Luckily, everything turned out to be a bit easier than expected. I called the bank, they asked a few questions regarding other transactions on the card (there were more unauthorized ones I knew nothing about because they were blocked automatically), happily stated that the card had been compromised, would be blocked, money refunded and I’ll get a new one.

Later Rob picked me up and we set off to Hamilton, to my first big football game. This one =) We were lucky because the game had everything we could think of. It had rushing TDs, passing TDs, a successful fake field goal play, interceptions, crazy plays with lateral passes, missed extra point kicks. And, of course, an impressive comeback by the TiCats, which were behind 15 points after the 3rd quarter — and eventually won by a single PAT!

What a typical play looks like when you’re at the stadium:

That decisive extra point kick:

And just some random pictures:

We’ve finally visited Kitchener! It’s not that it’d been the city of our dreams but it’s close to London, it’s possible to get there by bus and it’s big enough to find something to do for a day. So, on the beautiful Saturday morning we set off.

The first thing you’ll notice — there are street cars in Kitchener. They are new and fancy and I was too shy to take a picture of one (because people are looking at you through the windows) — so there is a photo kindly provided by google:

Speaking of google — this company has offices in Kitchener.

Some random notes regarding the places we visited. The first one is something called TheMuseum. So… it’s not a museum. Mostly, that “museum” is something like an interactive playground for kids. With things “on display” like that:

Waste of money, honestly =)

As opposite, Victoria Park (yeah, every city has to have a park named after Queen Victoria) turned out to be a very nice place even when the temperature is above 30 degrees.

Being cultural people (haha) we went to the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery. It’s tiny! Although it tries really hard to surprise you. There’s a dark room dedicated to some shadow art and in another room you’re surrounded by huge TVs, making an impression that there’s a ghost hovering around.

We’re going to have a breakfast at a place with “the best croissants in North America” but they were closed. Maybe next time — we’re planning on going there again in October, Kitchener hosts the biggest Oktoberfest in Canada =)

Playing the bass without an amp — entertainment just for me.

Playing the bass with an amp, even a small 20 Wt one, brings entertainment and joy for everyone around, including my wife, our cat and, I guess, our neighbor and his dog.