New South Park isn’t bad. 21st season and Stone and Parker still manage to come up with new ideas and make up really funny jokes. This season returned to the show’s roots – we don’t have the general plot, just a bunch of stories. This is probably a good thing, season 20 was a bit messy and many plot lines were left unfinished (or at least they felt like unfinished).

So far Randy can easily be called the central character of this season, his enthusiastic approach to everything – whether it’s house renovating or attempts to destroy a Columbus statue (along with wiping Columbus day from the holidays schedule) is in the spotlight all the time.

Some stories are a too straightforward in term of its morals but it’s up to Parker and Stone I guess – after so many brilliant episodes they can do whatever they want. 


“A little sister is all you need” introduces itself in such a peculiar way that I almost dropped it the first two minutes. Laying eggs little sister, whose breast milk is amazing and who doesn’t bother wearing anything at all. Turned out that everything is not that bad, though dick jokes are still placed here and there (a modern trend, eh?)

Off topic – had a dream the other day that Azumanga Daio got a remake, whith 3d characters and scenes like one where a school nurse is playing something like strip poker against a cat (suspiciously looking as Morgana from Persona 5) and that cat is joyfully beginning tearing the nurse’s dress apart – both are laughing. Hope that’s just a dream. 

Halloween and Thanksgiving Day are coming, people have already decorated their houses using pumpkins, squirrels are vigorously trying to gain some weight before winter and maples are half-red. But there is still no signs of fall in terms of weather – 22-24 degrees and sunny ^_^



New Cannibal Corpse album “Red Before Black” will be available on November 3! They’ve released a new music video (Code of the Slashers) that proves that the band knows a thing or two about death metal (who would’ve thought, right?) The video is kind of brutal – so I’ve decided to post the famous Ace Ventura scene instead