Achievements: can cross out two lines from my “to do” list.

  1. Visited the US. Spent two days not far from Seattle but didn’t see much unfortunately — basically all I had time to take a glance at were the airport and the hotel. The road signs showing distances in miles were unusual though =) Mountains looked very attractive so I hope we’ll be able to visit Seattle or Vancouver soon, just as tourists.
  2. Coincidentally, used Uber for the first time. I’m still freaked out every time I have to make a phone call here, so I’ve been doing my best trying to avoid taxi services. With Uber my life might become a little easier — no human interaction, hurray!

A one-liner basically…

All I feel while watching an episode of Darling in the FRANXX is the urge to re-watch NGE and Gurren Gagann.

Went to a Mudmen concert yesterday. These guys proudly call themselves Canadian Celtic Rock Warriors and it’s hard to say that this title is undeserved. Their own songs are good (on the latest album, Old Plaid Shirt, they became slightly more lyrical and slightly less, you know, “Drink and Fight!”-ish but that’s still nice, can’t get out the title song out of my head), their cover songs might be even better — all people enjoy listening to good old Irish songs like “The night that Paddy Murphy Died” or “Irish Rover”… But what makes Mudmen unique is that the band was founded by two brothers who play bagpipes! Bagpipes for the win.

I would also praise the Mudmen’s drummer — great job!

It was a bit weird but fun that one of Campbell brothers before the show started went to every table and offered earbuds, mentioning that “it’s going to be loud”. After the Exodus concert I guess we have nothing to fear. The same brother was also making faces when someone was filming a song, smiling all the time and in general looked as if playing at a tiny place with people seating had always been his biggest dream.

London Music Club (yep, now I’ll always be confusing LM Hall and Club) is a nice small place, with fine beer and decent sound. The owner himself does a huge chunk of work — he was at the doors checking tickets, he took away empty glasses and bottles and once I met him in the men’s, hm, washrooms when he was cleaning up after someone, evidently, had thrown up. It’s great that this club exists (and it’s located just 3 blocks away from our place, hehe), so thanks to him and other staff. The audience consisted mostly of people whose average age is closer to 50 or even maybe 60 — that was surprising. I wish I’d be like them when I’m 50, that I’d be able to go to club, order a couple of beers and listen to good music.


Highlights from our second trip to Toronto (omg, we’ve been in Canada for almost a year and visited Toronto just twice!)

Art Gallery of Ontario — a very nice place. The second floor is almost completely dedicated to the Canadian painters. In particular, the gallery contains a lot of works by the Group Of Seven — I was told that the biggest collection is in another museum but going from one room full of their paintings to another that statement felt like an exaggeration. Many people where copying the paintings — for me, as for a person who’s not especially familiar with art, it was slightly surprising.

The rabbit is adorable ^_^

Krispy Kreme is ready for Valentine’s Day

We hadn’t had even a slightest idea that moving a couple of blocks from the train station you may end up being surrounded by Chinese stores/cafes/street markets.

In this Chinatown We found an anime store. If I’d been sure that we’d stay in Canada for a long time I would’ve bought a pile of manga and at least a couple of figures. Had to restrain myself and we purchased just a Sadamoto’s art-book and a small Umaru-chan figure.

The place I’m going to visit on the next trip, hehe:


YouTube from time to time suggests me various “Top 10″s and sometimes they’re related to anime. Today it was the “Top 10 anime movies” and it’s really upsetting that looking up something on such channels (it was if I’m not mistaken) people who’re not really familiar with anime may decide that there’s nothing worth watching in a full-length format except Miyazaki’s movies, Ghost In The Shell and Akira. 6 out of 10 movies in the list are made by Ghibli — SIX!

The names of two anime directors pop up in my mind when we’re talking about movies and that’s definitely not Miyazaki (I’m a pretentious jerk who thinks that his only really good movie is The Wind Rises). These names are Mamoru Oshii and Satoshi Kon and this is so sad that one of them drifted away from anime production and started experimenting with live-action movies are other forms of art, whereas Kon is unable to continue his brilliant series of movies for, you know, reasons (oh man! he’d made just 4 movies and one TV show but I’d include him into any Anime Hall Of Fame without any doubts!)

Even without these two we have infamous Makoto Shinkai — the guy who can draw sky, wires and teapots as no one else in the industry. We have Momoru Hosoda, who would’ve deserve mentioning even if he hadn’t filmed anything except “Summer Wars“.

We have “Honneamise No Tsubasa” from Gainax. We have “Saint Onii-san“. We have “End of Evangelion” (I appreciate the quality of visual of this movie even though pretend that it doesn’t belong to the Evangelion universe), “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” and K-ON’s voyage to London. We have Vampire Hunter D, Darkside Blues and Jin Roh.

So many amazing movies… but all we hear around is Porco Rosso or Spirited Away.

I’ve been dreaming of going to Japan for a long-long time and finally we made a step (a pretty big one in my opinion) to transform this dream into reality ^_^

A lot of “next steps” though — booking a hotel, a ryokan; figuring out what places we should visit in Tokyo (we’ll be in Japan only for a week — so one city probably is enough). That’s a cliche but I’m excited and terrified at the same time.

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