We’d been planning to visit Niagara Falls for quite some time because, well, this is one of the most famous places in Canada and “must see” for every tourist here. Plus, the city is located in less than 200 km from London.

This week we’re having another long weekend and decided to take the bull by the horns and just go for it. The hugest issue was to find a hotel. Grateful for having 3 days without work, apparently the all Canada’s citizens had chosen Niagara Falls as a place to spend some time. All hotels had been already booked, not only in the city on the falls but also in Hamilton and Burlington. Finally, we found a room but the price was really crazy =(

Bridge to the United States. Yep, the building on the photo are already American

Our second concern was about the way to the Niagara Peninsula. Normally, people drive there. Our route included two trains and a bus. Luckily, it wasn’t that scary – we didn’t need to run all over cities trying to find a spot to get on the connecting transport. It was as easy as “arrive to the station, buy the ticket, wait 10-15 minutes until the next train or bus”.

“American” waterfalls

“Canadian” waterfalls

Many cities closer to Toronto are connected via GO buses and trains and this looks like a big deal – they depart often and I liked their double-decker buses and trains.

Seagulls don’t give a damn about tons of water around them

Niagara Falls looks like a Las Vegas’ little brother, it filled with casinos, arcades and places like haunted houses. After quite London I kind of forgot how it is – to be constantly surrounded by enormous amounts of people. The falls themselves are impressive, no doubts. They are impressive even when looking from a bank, but only when getting closer to them on a bout I realized how huge they are (and Niagara Falls are way far from being the tallest waterfall in the world!) There are two parts of the falls – American and Canadian, we were, obviously, on the Canadian side and was proudly wearing red “ponchos” while Americans on the opposite bank were dressed in blue =) Those ponchos are really necessary but even wearing one I still got soaked. Unfortunately, it was impossible to take even one good picture near the waterfall, we’re just covering our eyes and tried to protect at least something from the water. In the evening watched the highlighted falls from the “best viewspot in the town” but in my opinion it isn’t extremely interesting.

The view on the falls from the hill

Views on the boat are really nice

And there are rainbows below!

On the second day we moved to Hamilton. Why this city? Mostly because “why not” and it’s located more or less on the way to London. I messed up with the bus schedule a bit and we arrived there only at 2pm, so basically we had to run through a couple of spots and then head back. It was slightly surprising that despite the city’s size comparable to London, downtown Hamilton felt like, you know, a big city. One disappointment is that we didn’t have to time to visit spots near the lake (Hamilton is located on the lake Ontario) – that would be really great. Next time, probably.

A fountain in downtown Hamilton

This castle is the number one place to visit in Hamilton

View on the lake Ontario

Spent 2 days in Niagara Falls and Hamilton. Totally exhausted but saw some nice stuff =) We’re just from the train and I’m lazy so just a couple of meaningless photos now.

Downtown Hamilton

Going down to the falls

Visited the pride parade in London. Hadn’t been to such events before, so it was really interesting what it looks like.

Not all people have put up with such parades. The caption here is “Homosexuality is sin. Jesus saves from sin”

One of local politicians was using the event for self-promotion

Local drag queens

More protesters

Dogs are always super-cute, whether it’s about parades or not

I’m a horrible photographer – the post in the very center =(

Two guys got married during the parade

Some churches are adapting amazingly quickly

Ultra-short review of The Order: 1886 – it’s a fine game in general, with very bland characters and predictable plot. But graphics… oh, man, this is the best graphics I’ve seen so far – ideal materials, beautiful lighting, great antialiasing, altogether it looks very consistent. Ready At Dawn’s graphics and engine teams rock =)

Recently I recalled that I’d had an MyAnimeList account and decided to take advantage of this fact. My initial idea was to use this account for a list of anime I’m planning to watch later (too easy to forget, my memory isn’t any better than Gourri’s). But of course, then I started filling the “Watched” list, being able to control the fate of any series just putting a score. And trust me, I was laughing like a madman. Very addictive process. Curious now, what number of finished titles I’m going to end up with. Simple math tells me that it should be somewhere around 350 (well, about 5 TVs every season => 20 per year + OVAs + movies) – not so many, eh? MAL knows, at least, about 11713 various anime – so there’s still a long road ahead.