The World Cup is rolling. So is Neymar


Turned out that NHL draft becomes more intriguing when players you saw live are participating. Very excited about Evan Bouchard picked by the Oilers in the first round. He stood out among other Knights’ players (together with Alex Formenton) and I hope that it won’t take long for him to start playing in the top league. We’ll see though, for a defenseman the transition from a junior league may be more complicated than for a forward. Last season I watched a few dozens of Oilers’ games, one more reason to follow them again next year (a terrible reason, actually, I know =( )

Turned out that the new CFL season started yesterday and lazily watching the least probably interesting game I could’ve found (Montreal @ BC) I started wondering what CFL attendance is. For some teams that situations is doubtlessly fine (stadiums in Ottawa, Regina, Edmonton are almost full all the time) but in Vancouver they close upper sectors for football games and even on the lower ones there are a lot of bald spots. However, this site claims that even for the Lions, Alouettes and Argonauts everything is not that bad as it seems. People just bought tickets and don’t go to the games?

On a tangent note — OHL announced the 2018-2019 schedule and our Knights are playing two first games at home, so going to try to get tickets for both (against Windsor and Sault Ste. Mary — the second name is almost impossible for me for pronounce but their team was very good last season, want to see them live).

The first round of Stanley Cup Playoffs finished with a crazy game between the Leafs and the Bruins. It was the seventh match of the series and Boston celebrated this scoring 7 goals. Toronto answered with just 4. Good game anyway.

I discovered that my forecasting skills suck — I correctly predicted only 50% of teams who’d advance to the second round. Golden Knights, Lightning, Sharks and Penguins were bound to lose according to my predictions. Haha. It’s funny that NHL 18 is way more precise — so far they’re absolutely correct:

The first NHL regular season I watched in its entirety just finished. I couldn’t really watch games before, thanks to the time difference but now, when even the latest matches start at 10:30pm, I didn’t have excuses anymore =) It was a good season. The Golden Knights unexpected success, McDavid’s 108 points, Jets playing as one of the best teams in the league, the last Sedins’ game. Setting off to the playoffs!