Finally got something looking like working voxelization! (currently trying to implement Voxel Cone Tracing algorithm)

I must have messed up with the scale a bit – but this is fixable, I guess



Aah, want to write about uchouten kazoku, tsukigakirei and new season but don’t have time at all (I suck at planning and figuring out how to spend my spare time). Even most importantly – can’t find time and too lazy to be preparing for IELTS, curious how everything will work out. 

The only question we have after the 8th episode of Saekano is what Kato’s parents think about situations when their daughter is spending a night in a boy’s house, in his bed and, probably, wearing his’ pajamas. Or maybe she’s is extremely prudent and have agreements with friends who cover her back? Nevertheless, Kato is a great character and we’re still watching this anime just because of her.