A unique chance to see Corpsegrinder’s inhuman neck with our own eyes — Cannibal Corpse announced a concert in London! Damn, never thought I’d be able to see them live!

UPD: Aaaand… there we go


We’ve finally visited Kitchener! It’s not that it’d been the city of our dreams but it’s close to London, it’s possible to get there by bus and it’s big enough to find something to do for a day. So, on the beautiful Saturday morning we set off.

The first thing you’ll notice — there are street cars in Kitchener. They are new and fancy and I was too shy to take a picture of one (because people are looking at you through the windows) — so there is a photo kindly provided by google:

Speaking of google — this company has offices in Kitchener.

Some random notes regarding the places we visited. The first one is something called TheMuseum. So… it’s not a museum. Mostly, that “museum” is something like an interactive playground for kids. With things “on display” like that:

Waste of money, honestly =)

As opposite, Victoria Park (yeah, every city has to have a park named after Queen Victoria) turned out to be a very nice place even when the temperature is above 30 degrees.

Being cultural people (haha) we went to the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery. It’s tiny! Although it tries really hard to surprise you. There’s a dark room dedicated to some shadow art and in another room you’re surrounded by huge TVs, making an impression that there’s a ghost hovering around.

We’re going to have a breakfast at a place with “the best croissants in North America” but they were closed. Maybe next time — we’re planning on going there again in October, Kitchener hosts the biggest Oktoberfest in Canada =)

One Punch Man season 2

I’m a bitter dude who likes complaining but, honestly, it’s hard to justify the existence of such shows. The second season of the anime about the strongest man on Earth (sometimes I think that there are way too many “the strongest men”) is one huge filler and could’ve been fit into a single 20 minutes episode without losing anything meaningful. There’s a copy of the Heroes’ Association founded by the monsters. There’s a guy who was calls himself a monster and whose only desire is to kill all the heroes. And if you eat something called “a monster cell” your physical abilities will improve significantly. That’s about it. 240 minutes of this anime can be very unequally split into 20 minutes spent on this very dramatic and unpredictable plot, 10 minutes when we can enjoy various Saitama jokes and 210 minutes showing countless heroes and monsters fighting each other.

It’s very easy to blame the change of the production studio (the first season was made by Madhouse, J.C. Stuff is responsible for the second one) but, frankly, a lot of shows go downhill after a decent start, because, you know, a successful product has to last as long as possible, whether it’s a manga or an anime. Whereas it’s okay by itself, the way shounen shows typically work drives me nuts. MHA is a perfect example — the first season is introducing the characters and building up the relationships between them and the second one is about a damn 12-episodes long tournament. It’s even kind of funny, but One Punch Man also has a tournament.

I dropped MHA somewhere in the middle of the tournament and now it seems that One Punch Man will go in the same direction after a couple of episodes of the third season.

Playing the bass without an amp — entertainment just for me.

Playing the bass with an amp, even a small 20 Wt one, brings entertainment and joy for everyone around, including my wife, our cat and, I guess, our neighbor and his dog.


Despite being a maho-shounen anime under the hood, which uses a familiar formula “we get rid of one bad guy per episode”, Sarazanmai is one of the most unique TV shows I’ve seen recently. First off, the characters don’t transform into a more handsome version of themselves, they don’t transform into a cute representative of the opposite gender (hello, Maho Shoujo Ore). They become kappas. And by “get rid” we imply that they need to obtain a shirokodama. And when we’re saying “shirokodama” it means that we’re doomed to enjoy something related to butts. All right! There we go, Sergei approves. But why should the characters stop on just resolving every problem using someone’s anus? They should sing! Fight otters! Make selfies! Maybe even kill people sometimes.

Sarazanmai is a weird mix of absurd things that works perfectly. Yeah, the first episode was odd and it was a part of its charm but later on you realize how consistent it actually is. Consistent doesn’t equal “boring” here by the way. Nerima Daikon Brothers was a perfect example of such a show and I swear I wouldn’t be able to forgive a person who said that it was boring.

Kappas, cucumbers (of course), evil Otters and Asakusa on the background. 11 episodes. From the guys who worked on Utena, Sailor Moon and various Shaft anime. And another proof that studios can come up with something more intriguing than another season of My Hero Academia and or dudes finding themselves in another world =)