Volbeat’s concert in London was one of the calmest shows I’ve even been at. There were a lot of crowd surfers and even a tiny mosh pit but everything looked so innocent comparing to an average metal concert! The setlist was decent (everything you’d expect them to play they played) and the sound was good. The weirdest moment of the concert was when Danko Jones, who played his concert at LMH the same evening (and whom I know only because I accidentally found his interview with Rob Urbinati, the guitarist and vocalist of Sacrifice, where Mr. Jones left the impression of a guy who uses any opportunity to talk about himself instead of actually, you know, interviewing a person he invited) showed up to perform “Black Rose”.


Yesterday we saw Mudmen live for the second time and that second time was even better than the first concert. It appears that Irish music, bagpipes and beer are meant to be enjoyed together. “The Night That Paddy Murphy Died”, “Dirty Old Town”, “Drink & Fight”, “Whack for the Lassie” and 5 or so bottles of Keiths’ beer made the atmosphere relaxing and friendly and we ended up being involved in a small talk and even dancing a bit, madness.

Kind of amazing and sad that at the beginning of their career Mudmen release music videos and people would catch their songs on TV and radio. I think they deserve more than just playing in small clubs all over Ontario.