Animelog: Gamers

I’m a lucky person, I rarely watch bad anime. Nowadays it’s easy enough to just say “Fuckit”, drop the show and move to the next one. And it was a huge mistake that I didn’t do that with the anime, pretentiously called “Gamers”. Yeah, it’s not the worst series I’ve seen in my life (it’s difficult to move Tsukuyomi Moon Phase from its pedestal) but it certainly can be placed to the honourable second place.

This anime is not about games and not for gamers. If someone’s hoping that it is and brave to the extent that he or she wants to watch “Gamers” – they definitely just need to give a go to episodes 1, 2 and 12. And skip the rest of the show. Those 3 episodes are okay – and they are about people who play games! All other episodes… they are about stupid characters doing idiotic things. Even the word “stupid” is a compliment, though – because all Gamers’ characters are horribly, impossibly dumb. “Gamers” has no plot. I wished they’d had no heroes and heroines either. All writers managed to come up with are “comedy” and “romantic” scenes (I mentioned that this anime is not about games), which are made on misunderstandings. “Oh, my relationships with my girlfriend is a bit tense (for an absolute ridiculous reason). How am I going to resolve that? Do I need to talk to her directly? Hell, maybe I will try to talk to her at least? Of course, no! I’m going to talk to other girls saying things which are as ambiguous and vague as possible and hope that my girlfriend is listening to our conversations.” How many episodes is it possible to repeat that non very tricky trick? One, two? Haha.

I don’t know Japanese, so there might be a chance that such situations are really possible (I doubt it, though) and we just lost something in English translation. Nevertheless, it won’t change the fact that it’s nearly impossible to find a single reason to watch “Gamers”, except for masochistic purposes.

Any anime about gamers should have a pool episode


I’m wondering what happened with the 9th episode of Gamers. I figured out that they didn’t have budget big enough to hire a writer, considering their characters’ behavior, but after this episode it looks like the studio ran out of money dedicated to the animation department too. I’ve made just two screenshots but all animation in the episode, except foreground, is kind of… like that.


His head…


What’s wrong with her feet?