Not only had we never been up north in Muskoka area but we also had never traveled by Greyhound buses, so it was going to be something new and exciting =)

First off, a word about Greyhound (and about Ontario Northland). It’s not bad and we got to Gravenhurst without any problems. But! On the way back the bus broke and we stuck on 401 for 2.5 hours. Of course, everything can happen and buses are not magical devices that work for years without accidents but, frankly, it could’ve been much faster if the replacement had been sent from Toronto or Mississauga and not from London as they arranged it.

Anyway. Gravenhurst turned out to be a cute tiny town on two lakes, Gull lake and Muskoka lake. Our motel was on Gull lake and the view from the balcony was not bad =)

In the evening the lake looks pretty cool too

Because there’s a lot of water — these assholes are all around too. They are absolutely shameless and if you want to pretentiously have a lunch in a park — 6 or 7 of them will be dominating and demanding their fair share until someone (a hint — it’s going to be you) gets tired and gives up.

This lake was also super nice for swimming. And again, the view plays a big role (I honestly don’t remember if I’d ever swum in a lake before).

Muskoka lake is on the other side of the town and we went there once but it was super hot, so we just sat there for a bit looking at how people were riding their boats.

It’s also possible to go on a tour on one of these beauties (?), but we were too late and chose to go to the local brewery instead.

Here in Ontario I found two beers which I consider my favorites, and one of them is “The Lone Pine”. And when we decided that we’d visit Gravenhurst I had no idea that it’s brewed there! And there’s a pub where you can drink this amazing refreshing IPA but from a keg! Maybe it wasn’t the best part of our chibi-vacation but it was definitely a nice touch.

On google maps this spot is marked as “The Big Yellow Chair”. Can’t argue with this description.