AnimeLog: Kekkai Sensen 2, Girls’ Last Tour, Just Because

Kekkai Sensen and Beyond

Probably the main disappointment of the fall season. The first Kekkai Sensen was meaningless but fun. Not because of its characters but more because of the city the anime was taking place in. It looked relatively fresh — former New York City, now full of aliens, vampires and other suspicious creatures. The second season was virtually on the same level in terms of plot (plot? haha) but fun mostly evaporated — all tricks were familiar, all characters had been seen and Kekkai Sensen’s great ending was replaced with something totally generic.

Girls’ Last Tour

I’m really glad we didn’t drop this anime. The very first episode made me feel as if it was one hour long — our two girls were moving (touring?) from one indistinguishable point to another, talking about typical things girls in a post-apocalyptic world would talk. Usually, in such series the world plays a very important role but the world Chito and Yuuri live in is pretty empty and bland (buildings, weapons, old tanks, robots, two fish, gods). But two or three episodes later the main duo managed to grab my attention and then didn’t release it until the final titles. Fearless and slightly aho Yuu is the main star here (in my opinion, of course, as Asuka is the main star… hold on, there can’t be two opinions who the main star of Evangelion is!) but unlikely she would shine so brightly if she was without Chi, who is shy, likes reading and regularly tries to stop Yuu’s attempts to eat all edible and inedible objects around her. What happened with this world? How many people have survived? Probably I should’ve asked these questions and demanded answers but, frankly, I didn’t care about such things as long as I had the next portion of Yuu’s legendary “Let’s eat this fish!”

Just Because

What I can say about this one… Tsuki Ga Kirei handed over the baton of good romance anime accompanied by awful animation (this anime is almost ready to receive the Jiggly Jiggly Heaven award) to this show. I liked Just Because, honestly. I don’t even want to start complaining about characters — yeah, the main hero is a typical Ordinary Japanese School Student (but with parents), therefore it’s obvious that there should be at least two girls who are in love with him (and Komiya is kind of cute). I sincerely rooted for Morikawa and Souma and I’m really happy that they figured out at least some solution that might allow them to be together. Souma, trying to overcome his fear of dogs or Morikawa, hoping that someone would say something about her new hair style — it was super-cute. There were weird moments, I mean, c’mon — am I the only one who thinks that swinging an imaginary bat and then running around the field during an imaginary match (while Morikawa were playing her trumpet) looked slightly insane?

Talking about insanity… unfortunately a romance anime implies that characters will be running. After they’ve been rejected; because they don’t want to see the one whom they’re not ready to confess to yet; to cram school… And animation of run in Just Because is insanely horrible. It were the worst runs I’ve seen. And trust me — all those high school students run a lot here.