Liz To Aoi Tori

This movie is a perfect demostration what happens if you really want to make a film but don’t have much to say. Still, KyAni is a studio that may transform even a boring to death plot into something watchable and enjoyable, thanks to their second to none visual and high-quality director’s work.

Liz To Aoi Tori has everything I mentioned above. Its story is… okay, I guess? Basically, we have two girls who should understand what their friendship is about. What I watched Hibike! Euphonium I was mostly concentrated on Asuka-sempai and it took some time for me to realize that the two main characters in the movie played a relatively significant role throughout the second season of the original TV series. The animation is good, as always, although the character design is confusingly different comparing to “Euphonium”.

The real downside of the movie is that it doesn’t have a single “Reina screams from the hill” moment. Yeah, we have references for fans here and there (“You’re not Asuka-sempai” or the Euphonium’s trio showing up from time to time), we have a “correctly made” plot, we have a sort of funny moment with “Here, take it, this is an egg”… but nothing catchy and blowing your mind.

P.S. For some reason I thought that Liz To Aoi Tori was going to be a shoujou-ai anime but nope, it’s very difficult to find even an implication that something’s going on between the girls.