Lovebites’ “Judgement Day” is out and it’s actually pretty good! Some of the songs are a bit pop-ish (“My Orion” with its “Ah oh, ah oh, oriiion” is uhh… well, a band can have its “Escape”, can’t it?), but overall it’s a very pleasant album that is varied enough so I can listen to it in its entirety and not get tired. If I had to pick the best song from the record it would probably be “Soldier Stands Solitary”, it’s such a banger! But as I said the entire album is quite good.

As a bonus — an old video with Dragonforce =)

So, I’ve been following that Japanese bassist girl, Fami, for a while (I’m starting to suspect that I’m a sucker for watching people who are more talented and put more effort into stuff than I do) and she had been, you know, that mysterious high school girl who never showed her face. Until recently! And turned out that she decided to reveal who she is for a good reason — she joined a band, Lovebites. I’m writing all this because even though I was kinda familiar with this band, for example they played an opening for the latest Mamoru Oshii’s anime Vlad Love, which of course no one watched — that was the first time when I decided to listen to their music more carefully and damn! They’re pretty good! I’m even surprised a little that they apparently are not popular in the West, considering that they play really well, look pretty cute and the songs’ lyrics are in English.

I don’t know if Fami is a good fit for them and whether they are a good fit for her, and how long this collaboration will last — but now I look forward to listening to their new album, Judgement Day, I think it’s coming out next month.