Midnight Occult Civil Servants

This show is one of those I usually have nothing to say about. It’s not terrible, it looks okay, it’s just… boring. I can’t remember a single new or relatively new idea Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin offered, can’t recall any moment when I’d say “oh, that was pretty good!”… really, it’s an ideal 5/10 show — because they didn’t do anything wrong either.

We have yokai (here they are called Anothers), have a reincarnation of Abe no Seimei, the only person in the world who can understand them and we have a city department responsible for interactions with Anothers. While everyone is saying that Anothers are incomprehensible and should not be treated as your fellow human, 21st century Seimei steps in in order to build at least some more or less friendly relationships between the Japanese and various gods, demigods, monsters — you name it. All stories are independent, so give up immediately if you have a hope that eventually there will be something even remotely resembling a plot.

A good question, actually, is why we watched it. And I don’t have an answer =) Maybe because it was on Crunchyroll? Or because I hadn’t tried anything like that for a while and was curious? Anyway, we’re done with it and it’s time to move on and finish tons of others spring season anime.