My Roommate is a Cat

There are lots of cats in anime. We’ve seen cats who can talk, who can’t talk; smart and not so much; black, white, two- or three-colored; some of them have a crescent moon on their foreheads and some — don’t like Sakaki. However, Haru from “My roommate is a cat” might be the most realistic representation of those purring death machines in anime.

All Haru thinks about when she’s not sleeping is gohan and that matches perfectly with behavior of all the cats I’ve had pleasure to meet in my life, including ours. Now every time he is sitting next to the kitchen I can’t help but hear Haru’s voice saying something like “What the hell are you doing in the living room? The food is in this place, come here, I’ll show you where you can find it”. And quietly adding “Stupid humans, can’t even find any food on their own”.

It’s kind of fascinating that almost all the events of the show you can see from two perspectives — first you’re watching everything as it “should be”, from Subaru’s point of view. And at the end of every episode you’ll see what’s going on in Haru’s head when she had to interact and put up with all that troublesome nonsense Subaru and other people get her into.

I was almost positive that the production studio was the same that made a great but underappreciated anime for perverts “A Sister is All You Need” but turned out that nah, it was Zero-G, that’s actually responsible for another great anime for perverts “Grand Blue”. Talented guys. I enjoyed the story about the Haru and Subaru’s relationships thoroughly, even though, frankly, there wasn’t much going on. But it was cute! And even dramatic sometimes (you know, that cheap drama when authors kill kittens and puppies). Oh, and it has a great opening — one of rare cases when I watched it every time =)