The Jets were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs yesterday and it’s not the problem by itself. It’s not the end of the world that they couldn’t make it past the first round. The problem that the “do-or-die” game, game 6, was a demonstration of one-sided hockey. St Louis wanted to win and did everything to get the necessary result. Winnipeg… well, after the first two periods they had just 6 shots on goal. So, first the Knights, then the Jets. Now I don’t have any preferences and can just enjoy some good hockey =)

In general, right now I have a chance to be 100% on my playoff predictions. My choices were — Flames, Sharks, Stars, Jets and Lightning, Bruins, Capitals and Penguins. 4 of these teams have already finished they 2018-19 season and 2 are trailing 2-3 in their series. Remind me to never ever bet on sports results =)


Some coaches know what an inspirational speech should be about. Maybe one day it’ll be used in the next “Miracle” =)

Thanks to another PS Store sale I bought NHL 19 yesterday and it hooked me immediately with its new threes mode =( I haven’t even checked out any other modes yet — instead I’m having a lot of fun playing Threes Circuit and collecting mascots. The weekend is ruined =(