Animelog: Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Despite everything — the plot full of coincidences possible only in anime, visual that became noticeably more doubtful in last episodes, characters that were introduced without any reason and happily forgotten, despite all that this series left me satisfied.

This was probably the first anime about MMO that I finished and didn’t want to rumble about stupidity I’d had to put up with for (very long) 3 months. Very simple characters and their primitive motivation couldn’t override the fact that those characters came to some logical conclusion in their relationships (oh, Takhisis, modern anime leaves me in despair with its ability to provide us with shows that will never have any “happily ever after” episode). And instead of recalling how awkward the conversations between two main characters were I’d prefer to remember this anime by Morioka-san’s beautiful one-line dialog with a dryer in the last episode (“Hai! Onegaishimasu!”)

P.S. by that dialog and the opening – it was really nice

2017-12-12 22_26_02-Crunchyroll - Watch Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 7 - You and I, and Me and


Okay, Recovery of an MMO Junkie is surprisingly consistently good. And Sakurai-san even managed to say that he is Lily! Honestly, after 2 seasons of Nisekoi, which is very cute but full of “you know, I’m gonna say something but I can’t do it right now, because, well… I lost my locket again!” the directness of these MMO players is so refreshing.

Fall season observations

“Recovery of an MMO Junkie” is a surprisingly non-irritating series. Despite having all that MMO stuff and love pentagrams it’s very cute and easy to watch. And luckily there’s going to be just 10 episodes – so probably I won’t get tired of it (inner voice is suggesting that I shouldn’t be too optimistic though).

“Just because” and Tsukigakirei look suspiciously similar (including even animation going askew here and there) but I couldn’t find any connections between them. Authors are different, productions studios are different, so apparently that’s just a coincidence (?).¬† Nevertheless, so far so good – not the best show of the season (we have “March comes in like a lion” after all) but it’s worth time we’re spending on it.

About best shows – unfortunately, “Kino no Tabi”‘s remake is not as wonderful as I thought it would be. No, it’s good, even very good and I look forward to every new episode – but the atmosphere is not as charming as I remember. And this new series is too colorful. *shakes his fists yelling that youngsters know nothing about good anime*


Anime Fall 2017: Dropped

Black Clover

I was pretty sure that “Black Clover” would end up in the “dropped” list, the only question was how soon. Turned out that one episode was enough. A character without super-powers in a world where all people have them, his incredibly talented friend – mysterious and rare ability the main hero is presented with… visually nice but absolutely bland show. Should I also mention that the main character is very, very irritating?

Juuni Taisen

Again, it was expected. If the original manga (or ranobe, not sure) was great I’m sure that Shinbou would’ve clung into the idea of making the anime and wouldn’t have allowed it to be made by someone else. Juuni Taisen probably is a good action show and has some catching moments (Rabbit, for example) but everything what’s going on there is kind of meaningless. Dog’s stupid behaviour in the second episode just made the decision much faster.

Umaru-chan R

Even second half of the original Umaru-chan was a little boring, the second season couldn’t improve the situation. Constantly complaining Umaru, who played a soccer match and realized that maybe the had to do the first step to find friends… Ugh – for a first episode of a comedy show this is way too much.


It’s very difficult to make such anime – very colorful, animated and absurd. And it has to have aliens. Trigger can do that, Gainax can (or could, at least)… other attempts are typically not very impressive.¬†Urahara is another unsuccessful one.


One more shounen, this one about a student who’s only passion is robots. First of all – this is Gonzo. If this reason is not convincing enough – Robomasters is full of cliches.

P.S. Looks like a decent season, eh? Just five dropped shows so far. (Six actually, too lazy to look up the name of the anime about vicious relationships between a teacher and her student).


Animelog: Gamers

I’m a lucky person, I rarely watch bad anime. Nowadays it’s easy enough to just say “Fuckit”, drop the show and move to the next one. And it was a huge mistake that I didn’t do that with the anime, pretentiously called “Gamers”. Yeah, it’s not the worst series I’ve seen in my life (it’s difficult to move Tsukuyomi Moon Phase from its pedestal) but it certainly can be placed to the honourable second place.

This anime is not about games and not for gamers. If someone’s hoping that it is and brave to the extent that he or she wants to watch “Gamers” – they definitely just need to give a go to episodes 1, 2 and 12. And skip the rest of the show. Those 3 episodes are okay – and they are about people who play games! All other episodes… they are about stupid characters doing idiotic things. Even the word “stupid” is a compliment, though – because all Gamers’ characters are horribly, impossibly dumb. “Gamers” has no plot. I wished they’d had no heroes and heroines either. All writers managed to come up with are “comedy” and “romantic” scenes (I mentioned that this anime is not about games), which are made on misunderstandings. “Oh, my relationships with my girlfriend is a bit tense (for an absolute ridiculous reason). How am I going to resolve that? Do I need to talk to her directly? Hell, maybe I will try to talk to her at least? Of course, no! I’m going to talk to other girls saying things which are as ambiguous and vague as possible and hope that my girlfriend is listening to our conversations.” How many episodes is it possible to repeat that non very tricky trick? One, two? Haha.

I don’t know Japanese, so there might be a chance that such situations are really possible (I doubt it, though) and we just lost something in English translation. Nevertheless, it won’t change the fact that it’s nearly impossible to find a single reason to watch “Gamers”, except for masochistic purposes.

Any anime about gamers should have a pool episode

Animelog: Tsurezure Children

Incredibly adorable anime about several couples, who’re trying to confess to each other. Moreover, some of those high-school students have already managed to make this very important step and now they’re moving on (the next stage is different for different people, though). High-school students! Who have confessed! And can hold hands! Or even kissed! Oh my god, oh my god, trampoline, trampoline!

I wouldn’t mind if this show got the second season because 12 episodes/12 minutes each is not enough.