Saekano 2

Analyzing my thoughts about anime this season it looks like I’ve become a kind of old geezer and soon going to yell at kids something like “get off my lawn!” Can’t help it – today’s post is another rumbling (very short one), dedicated to the second season of Saekano.

This is an anime about a high-school student, Tomoya-kun (aka Rinri-kun) who is an otaku and positive that relationships with 3d girls are impossible. Despite his attitude he’s constantly surrounded with girls (very 3d) – cousins, childhood friends, classmates – and all of them demonstrate astonishingly strong affection for him. After all, Rinri-kun isn’t just an ordinary student because he has a Dream! He wants to create the best dating sim game in the world. The team who was going to make the game, hmm, teamed up in the first season.

Have to admit, the first season was good enough for me. Thanks, mostly, to Kado-san, a girl who becomes a model for the main character of the game. The second season… if it weren’t for Kado we would’ve dropped it pretty quickly, I think.

The game has been made. It even demonstrated some success. But before the release and after it – there were so many nonsense scenes, where characters were stubbornly ignoring any logic and acting weirdly just to create some “drama”! Artists losing their muse and Rinri-kun believing in them. Eriri, deciding that only painting with watercolor in the middle of nowhere can save the project. “Let’s redo the plot in last minute” twist. Rinri again who hasn’t made a single attempt in a month to find out why Kado is mad with him. And, of course, the winner is Tomoya-Rinri who shows inhuman, nearly Araragi-kun’s level skills in avoiding sex, in spite the fact that all the girls are willingly stay with him for a night and don’t even try to hide their intentions (hey, Kasaminagaoka Utaha-sempai!) Even Kado in the last couple of episodes wasn’t that Kado we’d like to see (character development™)

I don’t have even a faintest doubt that we’ll get the third season but I’ll be smarter next time. Saekano, get off my lawn!

Attack On Titan 2

First of all, I think that it initially was a bad idea to make the second season of “Attack On Titan” now. Maybe I’m wrong, but the manga isn’t finished (still) and it was obvious that we are going to enjoy the third (fourth, etc.) seasons of this soap opera. For me it looked like the second seasons was made just to heat expectations a bit and remind us that the answer to the question “What anime would you recommend if I’m looking for the most pompous dialogues in the history of anime” hasn’t changed.

Has anything changed at all? At the beginning I thought that yes. Damn, I thought that first 4 or 5 episodes were great! We virtually didn’t see Eren, we had that mysterious Titan in the Wall, we had a clever titan who could speak… But unfortunately then I got what I deserved – 6 episodes about nothing. In desperation, I really hoped the authors would kill someone from the main characters to push the plot a bit. Haha. Instead, I was fed with a tragic story about three titans. And we learned that Krista is Historia and that she is very important. Anything else? Hmmm… bits and pieces. Which we had to extract during dialogues. Have I just said “dialogues”? Sorry. During characters’ speeches. Which were kind of tedious this time.

The last episode was good, again, with that village titans were from, with that new power Eren has in his possession. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that year after (it’s been announced that the third season will be released in 2018) I’ll still be able to remember what what that last episode and this story in general are about. Moreover, after the first season I did care about this anime, I was looking forward to the second one. All that left after these 12 episodes is “Okay, I’m done with it and can watch something more interesting now”.


Had I only written something good about Tsukigakirei and this anime immediately decided to remind me that shit happens. Seems that they hired some guys who hadn’t seen anime at all and, surely, hadn’t made any shows in their lives. Animation in this episode is horrible. Its quality varies from frame to frame, at the same time being stable awful. That’s especially upsetting because in terms of plot the episode is very cute (he’s waiting Mizuno after school, they’re spending time together at the festival, etc.) Probably, this is kind of a trend in the genre of romantic anime, Orange recently also demonstrated that they knew how to make something that might be called “animation” only if you close your eyes and (ideally) turn the display off, in the episode 9 if I’m not mistaken.

Tsukigakirei is a very pleasant surprise this season is presenting us with. It’s stupid, it’s simple, it’s about relationships not even between high-school but middle-school students – and still it conjures up emotions. I’m swearing, I’m cursing two main characters because they are so spineless and hesitant – but continue on watching despite all that.

I’d like to say many good words about “Uchouten Kazoku” and “Sakura Quest” but do I really need to do that? I’m sure that a lot of people expected them to be good and P.A. Works just aren’t making any mistakes in these anime (haven’t made so far, at least).

“Kado” actually is a weird anime. It’s first “what a twist!” happened in the end of 8th episode (that’s why I decided to write a few words, to be honest) and probably we should’ve understood that Yaha Kui Zashunina isn’t a Good Samaritan. That he might be a wicked person whose goals are far from being innocent and educational. But this was so funny!


Shindo-san doesn’t look like the smartest guy in the world but the authors are regularly trying to remind us that he is. That he is the Best Negotiator and we can leave him in charge of all Important Decisions. Sorry, I just really feel an urge to use capital letters when think about Kado. I was talking about Shindo… yeah, after he has spent more than a month with an alien, it seems that he still hasn’t asked and hasn’t even thought about such things as “Why is this anisotropic person doing all this? What are his goals? What will we have to give him? – because nothing is free, humans know it as noone else.”  The scene with Tsukai-san’s family was nice, though.

I feel sorry that I write mostly negative things about Kado – the anime isn’t bad, actually. But unfortunately I still can’t find anything that would allow this show to stand out, to become an anime our kids will be learning in their anime classes at school. At least, to become a show whose characters’ names I can recall some time after.


Attack On Titan 2 is surprisingly good, maybe even better than the first one. When I was watching this anime a couple of years ago I wanted the authors to change just two things: more mysteries (with revealing, ideally) and less Eren on the screen. So far the second season is satisfying me much more regarding my shameless wishes. Plus, the overall quality of the show in terms of how action scenes are made is the same. The heroic and pompous speeches are flowing from the screen nonstop, everything as we like.

Kado The Right Answer is still a dark horse to me. Watched 3 episodes and everything is sooo slow. I may guess that the plot is going to move to the confrontation between the alien’s desire to push the humanity progress of the whole planet and inability of countries to work together but I can be wrong, for sure; and even if my guess is correct I still don’t know whether I like such a direction or not. What else… the scientist with a huge childish-look computer looks awfully among all these high-ranked and serious officials and best negotiators in our universe and she irritates me a lot.

Even if Bones decide to create the next Boku No Hero Academia (whom I’m lying to, they definitely will make it) I’ll skip it. Enough. 12 episodes for a single tournament is too much for my taste. It was a mistake to start the first season in the first place and obviously I shouldn’t have even though about watching the second. Will finish it and will give myself a promise that “never again”.

To wrap up, a nice moment from Eromanga-sensei.


Couldn’t resist and watched the first (actually, episode 0) of Seikaisuru Kado. To be honest, it’s rather difficult to say anything because it is supposed to be a prequel, we should understand that Shindo-san, one of the main characters, is a nice guy and the best negotiator in Japan; need to watch a few more episodes. One puzzling thing, though, is how inconsistent the style of the picture during that episode – the airplane scene all of a sudden is created using just cell-shading, without over-painting and it looks kind of weird, especially because moments inside the airplane are alternated with moments when people are staring at the mysterious cube – these people do not show their 3D roots so violently (maybe on screenshots this isn’t so noticeable).


Anime spring, part 3

Time to wrap up my “first impressions” finally, especially considering that some shows already have 5 or 6 aired episodes =)

Sakura Quest

I can’t even imagine what I’d do if there wasn’t such a studio as P.A. Works. Yep, there still would be Shaft… and that’s it. Trigger is struggling to create something as great as former Gainax (Kill La Kill was close, but not enough), Gainax is half-dead, KyAni is too focused on making everything in their own cutie-cutie way and other mainstream studios are so big that can produce several shows every season by several different teams and with very different quality. So thanks Takhisis for P.A.Works!

I didn’t check it deliberately but seems that Sakura Quest is being created by the same people who were in charge of the wonderful Shirobako. This is also a “slice of life” story about five women who ended up in a small town of Manoyama (well, okay, two of them are locals) working for the local tourist agency and trying to come up with an idea how to attract tourists to the place in the middle of nowhere. Of course, in addition, despite that their reasons were different and their circumstances were different, all of them have to find an answer to the same question: “What am I going to do with my life?”

First five episodes have been pure joy: nice character, jokes here and there, no superheroes around and doesn’t look like any of Manoyama inhabitants possesses any magical abilities. By the way, all characters are adults!

There are going to be more than 20 episodes and I really hope that the studio will be able to keep up this pace and become a decent competitor to the newest Monogatari show next season.

Sakura Quest - 03 - Large 01

And this spring P.A. Works is in their own league, with the second show such as

Uchouten Kazoku 2

I’m going to dedicate less words to this one, not because it deserves less but simply because it’s very difficult to describe what’s going on there – “a tanuki family that’s constantly hanging out with tengu and regularly gets into trouble because of their bad blood and OMG OMG THIS SHOW IS SO AWOSOME!1!1!1” doesn’t look like a good explanation, does it? Moreover, I think that it’s impossible to watch this season if you haven’t watched the first one – they definitely have some connections. Putting everything aside – Uchouten Kazoku 2 is great and absolutely worth your time.


Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata 2

The first season was a harem anime, no doubt about it. But it also was a “make-a-game-yourself” anime. The second second season, after the first couple of episodes at least, is just about relationships. Whom should Rinri-kun choose, that’s the question. Why all these girls fell in love with such a guy – for me this is even a bigger question, even though the authors tried to give some explanations. Kato-kun alone saves the day in this harem madness because she doesn’t give a damn about anything at all.


Basically, that’s it for this spring season. We haven’t started watching the second season of “Attack on Titan” yet and one episode of “Re:Creators” was pretty generic so it would be rather difficult to write even a couple of sentences about it.