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Sometimes even a single frame may give a reason to drop a show. This is one of such examples. That laptop on the background… I had to rewatch this scene because initially I couldn’t believe my own eyes that it could be so terribly drawn.


Animelog: Sirius the Jaeger

Anime about vampires have always been ones on my least favourites. Yeah, it’s possible to find a couple of exceptions (Hellsing Ultimate and… Monogatari maybe?) but mostly it’s utterly generic stuff, feeding and striving on stereotypes. In addition, my person Worst Anime Of All Times is also about vampires. Unfortunately, P.A. Works’ Sirius the Jaeger couldn’t change my negative attitude towards this genre.

To be honest, P.A. Works didn’t even try much. It was like “okay, what do we know about vampires? Hm, they drink blood, like gothic-style clothing, laugh inappropriately seeing their defenceless prey — certainly, we simply can’t ignore any of those incredibly precious facts and must include them into our show!” Vampires in this anime are boring (all of them, including Gothic-Loli-twins). The good guys aren’t especially intriguing either. Why the hell do we need so many characters, when no one of them tries to at least justify his or her presence? Why do we need to care about any of them?

All those cliche “what a twist moments”, that half-baked love line — virtually everything in Sirius The Jaeger basically screams “It’s nothing to see here, move on”. Virtually everything — but its visual. It’s drawn and animated really well. And it’s especially upsetting because P.A. Works can do so much better anime but wasted the team’s talent on that.

At least I learned one thing. I’m going to ignore all shows and movies which descriptions contain any references to vampires (even from Shaft, Gainax and P.A. Works) unless I’m positive that it’ll worth its time.

Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara is illegally, shamelessly, indecently beautiful. I’m praying to all anime gods as well as Takhisis that it won’t be as terribly written as Violet Evergarden and we’ll be watching it without having to facepalm every minute (although it’s P.A. Works, so it’s impossible to predict whether it’s going to be an almost perfect show as Shirobako or some… Sirius The Jaeger).

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Animelog:Grand Blue

Is it possible to make a good and funny 12-episodes long comedy show using a single joke? Grand Blue proves that everything is possible. Honestly — the only thing that characters do in this anime is drinking and stripping. You know what’s going to happen at the next moment, you know what the punch line of every joke is — and it’s still funny. Paradox. Some scenes of Grand Blue must be introduced to the anime quotes hall of fame (“I know, it’s hard to believe but I used to be an otaku…” or this one). Add average but not terrible visual, a couple of M-rated jokes and wrap it with a bright ribbon.

Unfortunately, this anime is kind of about diving. And diving parts are boring and linger longer than I’d like to. Instead of enjoying the beautiful (spoiler — not so much) underwater world, I was cursing and impatiently waiting when we finally get back to, you know, normal boys and girls’ evenings full of alcohol and naked people.

Not sure if this anime would stand the test of the second season but looking at it as it is now — Grand Blue was one of the best experiences I had this summer season.


Animelog: Asobi Asobase

Let’s move on with our theatre of the absurd. If the first comedy show was the most vulgar one, today’s victim is the oddest show we saw this season.

No, Asobi Asobase isn’t overplaying the all-time favourites on this field — Nichijou, Excel Saga, Joshiraku or Pani Poni Dash. However, it’s one of the best competitors we got in a long time. Three ridiculously, khm, stable girls hanging out after classes in their club room produce tons and tons of “on-the-verge” jokes about everything, starting with sexual education and finishing with learning English. Frankly, I regret not making screenshots from every episode (hopefully, tumblr knows and remembers everything) — because virtually all of them made me laugh full-throttle.

Especially cute is that the visual of this anime and its opening doesn’t suggest anything strange. Quickly though that pastel-ish gentle style transforms into something like this:

and cute high-school girls attending a girls-only school start doing things they are not supposed to do.

Things escalate quickly. Lasers from butt, androids speaking vulgar English, an extremely muscular bug named Fantomas, whose specialization is lock-picking — you name it. The action goes from normal to crazy and then to even crazier and still, some of the characters will try to pretend that everything is completely under control.

Who would’ve thought that Seiji Kishi who’s responsible for a beautiful Angel Beats and good but not without flaws Tsuki Ga Kirei is capable of creating such a show as Asobi Asobase. Seems that it’s a good idea to look up the list of his shows and, who knows, maybe I’ll find some hidden gems.

Animelog: Back Street Girls

The summer anime season couldn’t deliver any half-decent story-oriented or just somewhat serious anime. On the flip side though we got 4 ridiculous (in a good sense) comedies. And the most vulgar one is definitely this — Back Street Girls. No, it’s not as over the top as Ping-pong Club but I’d be surprised if it was aired not in the midnight slot and wasn’t covered with various warnings all around.

What did we see there? Hm.. Three yakuza who underwent a sex-transition surgery and became idols (well, actually a lot of people changed their sex during just 10 episodes). A half-sane head of their organization, who writes love songs. Crazy fans of their idol band. Other members of their clan, who’re still trying to figure out the best way to deal with their former bros. All this is generously covered with booze, hemorrhoids and other absolutely normal anime stuff. Nothing to see here.

And despite understanding that you can’t remember a name of any character of this anime — Back Street Girls are fun. It’s a type of fun you might be ashamed of later (might, I didn’t feel shame enjoying Hen Zemi or above-mentioned Ping Pong Club), weird fun and I’m sincerely glad that this show contains only 10 episodes — but those 10 episodes were good.