Animelog: Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, Mitsuboshi Colors, Pop Team Epic

Every season anime studios release an enormous number of titles belonging to the most popular genre — comedy (hm, it may be shounen actually, I’m not sure. Let’s play safe — one of the most popular!) It will be an exaggeration to say that all this attempts are successful, moreover, average quality of such a show can be typically described as something in-between “This is utter garbage!” and “Okay (yawn), it was (yawn) very educational (drop)”. Luckily, this season awarded me with 3 very different but very good comedy shows.

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

It started as a pretty ordinary comedy about a smart girl Takagi-san who’s constantly teasing the guy sitting next to her in the class. But eventually this show transformed into a very peculiar, kind of S&M, love story. Despite thinking that he’s participating in the unstoppable match against impenetrable Takagi (oh, he wants to win so much!), despite being constantly teased by her whether it’s about tandem riding, figuring out why she’s not swimming or anything — the main character, Nishikata, step by step realizes that he might, could be in love with her. He isn’t very sharp though, because otherwise he would’ve figured out long time ago that Takagi does everything just to spend time together. The main question is what Takagi found in Nishikata — but maybe his sincerity was so charming that she couldn’t resist.

Mitsuboshi Colors

Figuratively speaking, three girls from Hanamaru Yuichen grew up and became The Colors — Those Who Defend The City! Kidding of course, even though this anime does resemble the kindergarten show from Gainax a little (it also had 3 main heroine, their hair colors were similar as well as their roles). A lot of good jokes, nicely and realistically written adults and tons of Tokyo views.

Pop Team Epic

It was a weird one but in a good meaning of the word “weird”. Even if it didn’t contain all that insanity they call jokes it would be worth watching just because of its animation — it’s a vulgar TV version of Genius Party in terms of the visual. Unfortunately I didn’t understand all the jokes (for example, I’m not really familiar with music videos from 80s to appreciate a parody on one of them) but it’s a no-brainer for me to watch the second season when we get it (I hope it’s when not if).

P.S. Their “Marilyn Monroe” scene is soo catchy =(


Animelog: After the Rain

WIT studio switched for a while from making pompous anime like Attack On Titan or Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and made an adaptation of a romance manga about a high-school student who fell in love with the 45-year old manager of a restaurant she works part-time at, and how they got absorbed in forbidden relationships she’s trying to convince him that the age difference means nothing and he is the only one she needs. The guys is kind of an awkward loser who wanted to become a writer but at some point gave up on his dream, whose career as a manager isn’t fantastically successful (even the employees laugh at him from time to time) and who is flattered by attention of a 17-year old girl but at the same time scared of doing a step, in either direction, with her.

Is this love story interesting? Not much, to be honest. Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes it’s really annoying. Maybe I’m not young enough to understand the depth of that dramatic situation heroes found themselves in, maybe I’m not old enough to sympathize with the manager who has so many problems waiting to be sorted out… However, After the Rain is certainly not a bad anime — it’s visually appealing, its ending music can hook anyone and some moments of the show are cute and funny — like scenes with the manager’s friend. Some are bad, yeah (that blackmailing, when the main heroine has to go to a date, eww) — but not terrible.

Animelog: Kokkoku

Usually it’s easy to decide whether an anime is worth watching. If it doesn’t have a plot, main characters conjure up only a desire to shoot them and in addition direction and (or) animation resembles Jiggly Jiggly Heaven — why should we spend our time on that? However, once in a while it’s possible to find an anime that, presumably, doesn’t suffer from all I mentioned before but still boring as hell. Kokkoku is one of such shows.

It can boast of having an unusual world that represents a single moment in our world. This world has some making sense rules — there’s no gravitation, lighters don’t work and, in general, everything just stopped. The characters of Kokkoku are adults and this only fact should’ve inspired me. The opposition party is a mysterious Stasis cult led by a smart villain. (Is he villain though?) Heralds protect people who’re standing still in the world. All this should’ve been interesting. But instead I felt enormous relief when we’d finally seen the final titles today. Because the anime was painfully boring. It was so boring that I even gave up on the idea of finding inconsistencies in how the world works, its rules or complaining how terrible the heroes are (and this is my favorite part of watching anime!)

P.S. Well, episode 12 was not absolutely terrible, I was kind of hoping that the main heroine would finally give up and become a Herald. Heh, even that trifling joy was ruthlessly taken away (infamous Deux Ex Machina, who would’ve thought).

2018-03-25 20_04_22-Kokkoku Episode 011 - Watch Kokkoku Episode 011 online in high quality

I’m watching Fate Extra very slowly, mostly because the quality of this show is quite inconsistent. But episode number 6 is something I’ve been waiting for for a long time! It felt as if Shaft got something off their collective chest, said “Fuck it!” and made an episode resembling Madoka.

[Chyuu] Fate⁄EXTRA Last Encore - 06 [720p][98298F8F].mkv_snapshot_03.54_[2018.03.24_14.20.43][Chyuu] Fate⁄EXTRA Last Encore - 06 [720p][98298F8F].mkv_snapshot_06.10_[2018.03.24_14.21.16][Chyuu] Fate⁄EXTRA Last Encore - 06 [720p][98298F8F].mkv_snapshot_08.08_[2018.03.24_14.23.31][Chyuu] Fate⁄EXTRA Last Encore - 06 [720p][98298F8F].mkv_snapshot_11.33_[2018.03.24_14.21.51][Chyuu] Fate⁄EXTRA Last Encore - 06 [720p][98298F8F].mkv_snapshot_14.38_[2018.03.24_14.22.01][Chyuu] Fate⁄EXTRA Last Encore - 06 [720p][98298F8F].mkv_snapshot_17.15_[2018.03.24_14.22.16][Chyuu] Fate⁄EXTRA Last Encore - 06 [720p][98298F8F].mkv_snapshot_19.07_[2018.03.24_14.22.52]

Graf posted a screenshot from Mitsiboshi Colors and yes — this moment is hilarious. The Colors know how to move secretly, not attracting anyone’s attention. (Poor Saito, if I were him I would’ve given up somewhere at the beginning of the first episode.)

2018-03-12 21_33_21-Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 - Watch Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 online in hi

Sacchan is using her charm to distract Saito

2018-03-12 21_34_02-Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 - Watch Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 online in hi

Moving carefully

2018-03-12 21_34_21-Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 - Watch Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 online in hi

Solid Snake? Never heard of him

2018-03-12 21_34_59-Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 - Watch Mitsuboshi Colors Episode 010 online in hi

Who needs boxes when there are such nice big guys around?

Violet Evergarden (the character) made quite a progress in her understanding of human feelings. The most amazing thing is that it’s not clear why this happened and when she became so susceptible and emotional. Probably we should think that books she read influenced her that much. In general, so far the anime is rather meaningless and inconsistent, not even taking into account the tear-squeezing nature of the show. But, man, its visual is gorgeous — and Violet Evergarden is worth watching just because it this factor. It feels that KyAni can afford spending on a single TV episode as much as some studios use for a movie production.