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Animelog: Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Kaikou

I didn’t watch the original “Legend of Galactic Heroes” and after watching the first part of  its remake I think that I should have. Because despite reading good reviews and seeing this show in various “anime you must watch before you die” lists I’d been very skeptical and the main reason for my skepticism was the length of the anime. What the hell, 110 episodes? Who being sane and relatively sober makes anime that long? But after 12 episodes of the remake that nonsensical amount of episodes started to look more, let’s say, justifiable.

This is an epic anime. Dozens of characters, a few plot lines; if there’s a skirmish — a least a million soldiers must be participating. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see how one generation is changed with another during the course of the show.

This is an anime for patient viewers. One battle can easily take a couple of episodes.

This is a beautiful anime. Production IG did tremendous job (and probably invested a noticeable sum into visual) but I’d say that results say for themselves. One of the best CG in anime I’ve seen recently and even better 2D graphics.

I’d really like to say that the “Legend” is an anime for adults and to some extent it is. I guess if I were 15 it’d be really boring for me to watch all this political and military manoeuvring. Unfortunately, sometimes this anime reminds us that originally it was made in 80s. Sometimes it’s too naive, sometimes characters behave like they’re, you know, anime characters. Wen-li Yang is too positive to be realistic but his antagonist on the Empire side is impressively grey-ish even according to modern standards.

Maybe because of my long love to Gundam and their epic space battles, maybe because I hadn’t seen any space opera anime for a long time but for me “Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu” finished as the best anime of this spring season and it’s a huge disappointment that we’re not going to see how the story’s winding up until 2019. Well, maybe it’s a sign — that the original show is waiting.

Animelog: Tada Never Falls in Love

I wish I knew more synonyms to words like “generic” or “bland”. That would make describing anime as “Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai” (and there are a lot of them!) much easier.

Long story short, Tada never falls in love but sometimes he does. His chosen one is a princess of a European country, who incognito spends some times in Japan and of course she prefers an ordinary Japanese high-school student to her husband-to-be, cute blonde nobleman from her country. She’s a Japan geek and this is a good thing — Rainbow Shogun moments were at least fun. What else was fun? Pin-senpai’s clothing choices, Nyanko Big… and that’s it? Everything else could’ve easily been watched without looking at the screen — we’ve seen such stories million times.


Every times that’s so sad when brilliant directors, top-notch animators, amazing artists and, in general, entire studios waste their talent and put their efforts into something generic and useless. I could say that about Shaft and Fate Extra, the same goes to KyAni and Violet Evergarden. This season has two such shows. Angels of Death and Sirius the Jaeger both are very solidly done and, let’s say, watchable. But at the same time watching them is very upsetting — I can’t spot thinking what could have been created had J.C Staff and PA Works respectively decided to make something more original and intriguing.

Animelog: Hisone To Maso-tan

I wasn’t going to watch this one. “Girls serving in the Japanese army and piloting dragons to save the world”. Staring at such a description I immediately begin imagining something either like Strike Witches or another zero-to-hero story. However, despite my prejudices, Hisone To Maso-tan turned out to be quite a comedy. A weird comedy but in a good meaning of this word. Four weird girls piloting OTF (Organic Transformed Flyer) and among them our main heroine, Hisone, who’s main problem is her incredible honesty. You know, like in that joke about the greatest weakness.

I didn’t care much about the dragons and other girls acted mainly as a background, even though every one of them got their 5 minutes in the spotlight — but Hisone ended up being a charming character. Oh, and how she licked up Maso-tan (and tried to do that with others)! Her slightly nut behaviour and, uhm, dumbness made a pretty usual story worth watching.

Yeah, unfortunately, the plot is not super unpredictable and, frankly, rather stupid. Especially disappointing are the last two episodes. But if you pretend that they don’t exist — HisoMaso is a good choice.

P.S. Visual is nice (Hen Zemi -like) and the ending in French accompanied by slightly weird (again this word!) but cute dances — deserves to be checked out.

Animelog: Piano No Mori, season 1

Frankly, those 12 episodes don’t deserve to be called a “season”. Initially Gainax announced 24 episodes but for some reasons the second part will be aired on the Winter 2019 season. However, this decision might’ve been a little spontaneous and by the end of the first half we don’t come to any conclusion and just have to be patient and hope that next year we’ll be able to remember the characters.

Despite the fact that I like musical anime in general the most important thing about this show for me personally was that it’d be the first Gainax anime in a few years. Yeah, they made a couple of shorts; yeah, this is a recently created Fakushima Gainax branch, not the main studio — still, it’s very important that Gainax is still alive and doing good TV shows. And Piano No Mori is good. Even though sometimes it demonstrated absolutely awful 3D scenes (I understand that it’s virtually impossible to make detailed piano scenes in 2D, but c’mon guys, Nodame Cantabile managed to find the right balance so could you). Even though the characters in this anime don’t have believable background and motivation and, honestly, it’s very difficult to make myself care about any of them. Even though this is a fucking shounen with all its typical attributes such as competitions, overcomings and other things showing how strong your spirit is and how concentrated on the victory you are.

But again — I’m complaining because A) we set the bar for musical anime very high. Nodame Cantabile and Your Lie in April (although the existence of the second one is dedicated to making the audience cry and only then it’s about music) are a proof. And B) Gainax itself is to blame — year after year they’d been doing shows, which inevitably ended up on my “Top” list. Looking at how other studious and genres are doing — Piano No Mori may be claimed a success. Moreover, music in this anime atones for many for its sins.

According to the Wiki page Gainax are going to release two more anime this year so we’ll get another chance to see whether Piano No Mori is a single act or things are actually getting better. Fingers crossed.