The Helpful Fox Senko-san

If your job is taking over your life and it seems that there’s no escape and the situation will never change for the better — there’s still a hope. A hope that one day a cute 800-years old kitsune-demigod will show up in your apartment and begin pampering you, doing everything (almost everything) your heart desires.

A cozy and fluffy anime about a guy whose miserable life is slowly becoming not so miserable, thanks to the presence of Senko-san in it. Maybe the idea of the anime is that you need to find a way to enjoy every day even when it seems that it’s impossible? Get some sleep on your only weekend, have a good meal and maybe even a drink in the evening and go outside at least once in a while. Yeah, that’s much easier to say than do, when you don’t have a Senko-san around and have to cook yourself and stroll around the neighborhood alone — but everything starts with a first step, right, hehe? (yeah, we all know that the real idea is that all hopes are a huge lie and they will be mercilessly shattered but I wanted to sweeten the pill).