The Shape of Voice

We were going to watch this movie since its release in Japan. All reviews, everything we read about it basically yelled:”This is an absolute masterpiece!” Very popular manga (ranked at the number 23 on MAL) as a source, good topic (bullying) and KyAni as a production studio – it was bound to become a brilliant movie.

First of all – yes, this is a great film. It’s rather long, more than 2 hours, but that’s probably it’s the only one weakness. The story, despite being simple and sometimes coming up with twists that even soap operas could’ve been proud of, is touching. I mean, really touching, and it doesn’t look like the authors want to make us shed a tear using some dirty tricks. The story itself is a trick. The story about a deaf girl. The story about what it’s like when you’re alone at school and others even in the best case scenario are just avoiding you. This anime could’ve won Oscar and I can’t understand why it was decided to go with “” instead of the KyAni’s movie.

Minuses? Sure, we can find some. “A silent voice” (I think that both translations are used) mostly is a depressing movie. I’d say that 75% of its time it might be difficult to watch it. We literally had to pause it 5 or 6 times because it was rather painful to continue. Characters aren’t nice. The plot about a person who initially looks like an ideal target for bullying might raise some questions such as “Okay, but what if this girl wasn’t deaf, eh? Would we feel the same?”


The second part is just my random thoughts with spoilers.

The nomination for the worst character here wins Kawai-san. She is even worse than Ueno, Ueno was, at least, direct.

For me it’s still rather difficult to understand why Ishida, the main characters, didn’t decide to elbow his way through life even when others were against him, it seemed that he could have. Although, maybe the scene when his mother met Nishimiya’s mother affected him so much.

Don’t like the happy end here. Especially the idea that Ishida’s friends saved him from the river. Despite my disagreement with the good ending I’m disappointed that two main characters didn’t make the next step in their relationships.

The idea about crosses on characters’ faces is sort of silly but I’d call it a “positive silliness”.

And yes, his runaway from the hospital was something absolutely absurd and weird.