Tennocon 2019 is finished and this year I was nervous for a reason — we’re showing off a new Warframe renderer =) Luckily, everything went rather smoothly.

The full demo is here and, so… what’s new from the technical perspective?

This is a clustered/tiled deferred renderer, we added cached shadowmaps, cascaded shadows from the sun, a new reflections system with parallax-corrected cubemaps, new capsule shadows (ala The Last Of Us) for indirect shadowing. Performance-wise it’s not optimal but we’ll be working on it =)

Everything can be found here but just a couple more videos =)

And now it’s time to get some rest and we’re going to Gravenhurst for a couple of days, to enjoy the beauty of Muskoka lake and the freshness of Sawdust City Brewery’s beers =)