Another Tennocon is officially in the books and this time around it was pretty special, because not only we showed Duviri, a new quest and planet Warframe players are going to get soon, but also announced a new game Digital Extremes is working on.

Tada! Soulframe, ladies and gentlemen

And, of course, The Duviri Paradox

I’m quite a lucky bastard considering that I had a chance to work on both projects and implemented a couple of new shiny graphics features there =) Hopefully the players will enjoy the quest and, one day, Soulframe =)

A huge, long-awaited cinematic quest is here =)

The biggest addition from the graphics perspective is decals — they are used extensively in some parts of the quest and yes, they are deferred-renderer only. Also volumetric fog is tweaked up here and there and can use sun shadows and realtime lights =) Steve tuned and fixed up a lot of stuff with hair, eyes and skin, so now all these materials should look better and use lighting properly. Now it’s time to sleep fix some bugs and hopefully everyone will enjoy the quest and its visual =)

Warframe is coming to PS5

It’s official!

Wish twitter didn’t slaughter the video quality, our video team did a great job there. Also the ps5 version of Warframe uses the new renderer by default, so I’m simultaneously excited and scared to death =)

Update: the trailer is on youtube as well

Steve posted a video of what we’ve been working on recently =)

We were heavily inspired by this awesome Josh Hobson’s talk and the first test of this technology was based on pretty much a straightforward implementation of what they did on God of War =)

Steve showed yesterday something we’ve been working on recently — a new rendering engine =)

This full clip is here (unfortunately, I have no idea how to embed a twitch video here) and the shorter and compressed version is on Steve’s twitter:

So far it’s truly a hybrid of a renderer — clustered deferred + screen-space tiles classification a-la Uncharted 4 (and Frostbite I think and, I bet, others). Shadows are traditional stable cascaded shadowmaps with fallback to our existing aperture lightmaps.

In other news — saw a video of the latest installment of my favorite turn-based strategy game, Age of Wonders — and this is soo cool! Look forward to playing it!