All of a sudden remembered today that many years ago I had a livejournal blog. Decided to look at it, at least to find out whether it’s still up. Turned out that yes, it’s a beast that’s not ready to be killed so easily. It’s not that my, uhm, previous blog had any value at all but while staring at my posts from 5-6 years ago and wiping tears I realized that LJ had (and has) a great feature — it allows to set a userpic for every single post and comment. It’s kinda funny to scroll the posts down and look at avatars I used. Unfortunately, the chance that I’ll remember what image was dug up for what occasion is roughly 0, but in addition to the traditional Chew photo I used to use this:


Aah! Shame-shame-shame (that Kamina image, omfg). Nabeshin is looking great though, need to put it in use again ^_^

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