Already this Sunday!

The vocalist on videos is Rob Dukes, who was fired from the band. In my opinion it was a mistake =(


We’re passing by the local biggest games store EB Games. What do you think is on all signs and ads and what bundles you’re going to see after stepping inside? Destiny 2? Hellblade? Haha. NHL 18. This is really a Thing here.

Animelog: Ancient Magus’ Bride OVA

I’m not entirely sure about that but apparently a lot of people looked forward to watching this OVA (and, consequently, a TV we’re having next season). We jumped on this train just now and watched all three available episodes in a row. To be honest, I don’t know what the exact purpose of this OVA is – it’s cute and well-drawn but I didn’t find anything that would make me counting days until the TV starts. In theory, the OVA contains a completed arc about main heroine’s childhood but the authors still left some questions unanswered – for example, who destroyed the library (maybe that’s not so important, though) and didn’t even try to imply that they’re going to reveal everything later. “Magus’ Bride” looks a bit like “Uprooted”, a bit like Natsume (I can only trust my wife here, haven’t watched a single episode), a bit like a high-budget hentai prequel and, although the hentai part looks promising, at least for the time being I’m not going to watch the TV, hopefully, the fall season looks promising even without this anime.


When is the best time to change old habits? Of course when you’re one foot in the grave! Our almost 11 year old cat is vigorously doing things, which looked absolutely impossible just a couple years ago. I’m not going to say that we shouldn’t be blamed (probably it’s our fault) but nevertheless – the cat jumps in boxes, eats so much that soon he won’t be able to find enough space to place his butt on the table, sleeps with us and so on. One trait that hasn’t changed is his brainlessness.

Small good things: looks like I found a good calculator for desktop systems:

SpeedCrunch is free, works everywhere and I don’t have to click mouse buttons like crazy. Yeah, we have a great tool bc and I’ve been using it (and going to continue using, perhaps) but command line applications have their downsides. Thinking of writing a post related to programs I use every day (or really often) – like this amazing post written by Angelo Pesce. I don’t think that my list deserves any attention but for posterity – why not =)

Gameslog: Titanfall 2 and Inside


Finished the single player campaign. I suck at shooters but anyway, the game is a lot of fun. First of all, it looks great. I really like how clear everything is and how materials and posteffects are made. Second, it’s a fast paced game, with tons of acrobatics (reminds of Warframe a bit, hehe). But (as a third point) – the game is fast only when you’re running around as a pilot. It gives a totally different gameplay once you’re inside your Titan. I remember I was watching Gundam Seed and was absolutely excited of how powerful mechas looked there comparing to people and “normal” machines such as tanks. Titanfall gives the same excitement, even though this part is much harder to play to me – you have to rely more on the abilities and less on your speed.

I even started playing multiplayer a bit. This is kind of embarrassing because I can’t get rid of the feeling that I’m pulling the team down, but still a couple of matches in the evening looks like a huge step forward for a person, who generally don’t play online.


The visual is soo nice! Volumetrics everywhere, great lighting, water, reflections. The story itself didn’t touch me much but I often don’t pay attention to games’ plots.