Small anime observations:

Observation number 1 – I finally dropped My Hero Academia. I’ve been complaining about this show quite a lot, although,┬áprobably, I shouldn’t have – I just don’t like shounen anime after all.

Observation number 2 – Taking advantage of the blandness of the current season I’m going to switch to the “catch-up” mode and try to swallow as many famous series I missed as I can. Shame on me that I skipped so many in the first place. Ergo Proxy is the first victim and I must confess – this is one of the slowest anime I’ve seen, despite the fact that the main heroine has been taken to the hospital 3 times already (and I’ve just finished the episode number 7).

By the way, it’s funny to check ratings on MAL (I was looking for anime I was going to watch but forgot) – so many new shows on the top! It’s funny because imdb’s “top rated” list, for example, is more or less uniformly distributed in terms of the year of release.

Observation number 3 – Zaregoto, OVA I mentioned once or twice, might be an ideal story for Akiyuki Shinbou. This is a “closed room murder” detective, with tons of dialogues. Who’re you gonna call if you need to make an anime that barely contains anything except conversations and out-loud musings? The answer is obvious. Characters act a bit weirdly (why the hell did they decide to bury corpses, for example?) but, in general, this is a good anime.

Kind of new experience – watching a movie (cartoon, actually) in a park, with dozens of other people. What started today has a name “The Movie Night” and organizers are going to show 5 or 6 movies in a such way. Today it was “Zootopia”, also we’re planning to visit “Secret Life of Pets” and, maybe, “Moana” showings.

Anime Summer 2017, part 2

Our torment is moving on!

Aho girl

As the name suggests this anime is about a completely brainless girl. She likes bananas, games, dogs (apparently) and sincerely considers herself as the cutest girl in the world. Of course, her childhood friend is her antipode: he is smart, calm and isn’t going to show his underwear every five minutes. The first episode was funny enough, even though it was stupid enough as well. The second episode was not so funny, and added even more stupidity. To make everything worse, the patient demonstrates all symptoms of being a harem.

However, it’s watchable – thanks to 10-minutes episodes.

Made in Abyss

A fantasy anime about a city located on the verge of a huge crater – Abyss. All citizens’ activity is related somehow to this, hm, hole – but the most important and praised job here is being a raider. Raiders go down where they’re looking for artifacts and fighting beasts. Our main heroine, who is just 12, is learning how to become a raider. One day she’s found a robot – and this discovery might become the most important one in the city’s history.

Very nicely drawn anime about kids, I’m not expecting its story to be serious or deep but it’s much better than most shows we have pleasure to watch this summer.

Hajimete No Gal

One more comedy about a looser who’s ready to do everything – just to finally get a girlfriend. His friends suggested asking a gyaru out, because, you know, such girls wouldn’t refuse.

Pretty stupid and vulgar comedy that, I think, eventually will become a harem show. First episode managed to provide a couple of good jokes so will try to watch one or two more episodes.

Tsurezure Children

Anime, which is, I’d guess, based on yonkoma. We’re observing how boys and girls are trying to confess, successfully and not so much. Surprisingly cute anime that, so far, made me smile regularly. And again – just 10 minutes per episode!


Anime Summer 2017, part 1

Even though in my opinion current anime season is one of the weakest in the last few years, we have watched several shows.

Ballroom e Youkoso

Once again we have a stereotypical spineless main hero, who doesn’t know what he’s going to do with his life. All of a sudden, he founds himself on a ball dance lesson and feels that this is the activity that’s going to change everything. Nice visuals (Production IG) but characters are unbelievable and, in general, the first episode was boring. I’m skipping this show.

Keppeki Danshi Aoyama-kun

It should’ve been a mix of “Haven’t you heard? My name is Sakamoto” and <insert the name of your favourite sports anime here>. Unfortunately, its either part is weak. Sports half isn’t, hm, vigorous enough, not mentioning the animation. I wonder if soccer is more difficult to show than volleyball or baseball? Comedy half isn’t funny and no one cares to explain why, for example, all girls are in love with that Aoyama.

Centaur No Nayami

A comedy show that couldn’t even make me smile. The world of this anime is filled with mythical creatures of school age, who, of course, run marathons and make preparations to festivals. Probably, the main character is supposed to be cute, but even if she is (for someone) this isn’t enough to save the series.

Hitorijime My Hero

The only reason to watch this anime is if you haven’t watched shounen-ai in years and need to watch anything of this genre. Stereotypical characters, stereotypical situations, stereotypical pairings and all that drawn stereotypically.

Huh, seems that this time I’ve repeated the word “stereotypical” million times. Next post is going to be about shows, which can’t be called “great” but at least it’s possible to watch them without fighting yawning every minute.