Even though I like Gundams, typically I’m not very interested in robots. But Boston Dynamics’ can’t stop surprising! This is wild!


Those people who’re responsible for “Just Because” need to stop animating running characters. Seriously. I can put up with weird perspective or how characters’ heads are living their own life not doing even an attempt to synchronize themselves with corresponding bodies. But the animation of run is terrible and it makes me believe that humankind is doomed.


Almost finished Tatami Galaxy and have to admit that I’m ready to add Masaaki Yuasa to the list of directors whose work I’m going to watch without even reading the description. Tatami Galaxy (or “The Tale of 4.5 Tatami” in Russian) is probably the best of his anime I’ve seen so far but Mind Game and Ping Pong The Animation also deserve only positive words, sentences and even whole reviews! (as well as, perhaps, as Nekojiru Sou although this one might be too surreal for me and Yuasa on that project only wrote the script and was the animation director).

It’s impossible to resist when you see such animation.

Showed my personal project to one of the guys at work and now considering rewriting everything again. So, if I find time, I’ll be running, probably, 3 projects:

  • my current one (shouldn’t I, at least, finish the voxel cone tracing implementation?)
  • the new version of my framework, focusing on improving in areas it desperately sucks at: more data-driven, configure everything in files instead of the code; some editor stuff to quickly change parameters; hot reloading for assets, particularly for shaders; vulkan as the main graphics backend.
  • in parallel with the second one I might try to implement its rust copy, just to learn this language. Although, to be honest, I’m still not sure about rust as something I’d like to invest my efforts into and might switch to implementing a webgl  framework for rapid prototyping.

Thanks to Anthrax who might’ve recorded more cover songs than their own I learned about the band Kansas. Wouldn’t say that they are especially impressive but this song is not bad (although I like the Anthrax’ version better)

Animelog: Zaregoto OVA

It’s taken, I don’t know, half a year? And finally the story of I-kun and women surrounding him is finished. I’m pretty sure that I already wrote the same sentence, word by word, recently, only the name of our lucky protagonist was Araragi — Shinbou and Nisioisin shamelessly continue on making pseudo-harem anime. Zaregoto should’ve been completed in June or July but Shaft had to polish Owarimonogatari and cynically put off the release date for last two episodes of “Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai” (mein gott, I barely managed to remember the name “Zaregoto”) to September. And I had to wait several months until the name of the murderer was revealed!

Yes, when it’s very difficult to say the name of the genre Monogatari belong to Zaregoto is a traditional detective dedicated to a “murder in a closed room”. As a detective – it’s not bad. Everything is quite logical and all questions we had while watching were answered. Although, sometimes it was something like “okay, I don’t think that anyone would care that dressing a corpse might be not the easiest task in the world”. Anyway — at least all results were achievable.

Have to add, though, that the story starts at a snail’s pace – it may be a discouraging factor at the beginning. The characters are fairly bland too – except probably the detective in the last episode. I wouldn’t say that they are average, according to many regular anime standards characters are peculiar, but after Monogatari I expected more.

Visually… well, I don’t need to write anything here, do I? It’s a typical Shaft’s minimalist beauty everywhere – whether it’s a staircase or a room and even a personal computer. And head tilts, yeah — more head tilts for everyone! And I definitely want to see the next I-kun’s case – hope that this OVA won’t end up being a single one.


Couldn’t restrain myself and bought Divinity: Original Sin on PS4. Going to order the second controller 🙂 So far the port looks flawless – the control scheme is a bit unusual and choosing enemies in the battle mode may feel slightly inconvenient but all this is avoidable and, to some extent, just require some time to get used to it.

Now the number of games I’m kind of “playing” simultaneously has reached record numbers – Divinity, Persona 5, Infamous and Steins Gate, and the backlog is growing, thanks to PS+.