“Bohemian Rhapsody” is kind of boring. Dramatic turns of events instead of how things actually happened and weird sometimes dialogues. Brian May’s appearance is frighteningly close to the prototype though.


Every time I look at a variety of social networks I have to use if I want to follow all the people I want to follow (your vocabulary is limited, Araragi, isn’t it?) — I feel pain and desire to forget about the internet. “Internet leaves me in despair”, claimed Itoshiki-sensei and he wasn’t wrong. Moving everything to Facebook was my first attempt to sort out all that mess and I must admit that this was a failure. Mainly because that website positively refused to display posts in chronological order despite all my pleads and desperate clicks on the “save these damn settings” button.

Now I’m slowly trying to move everything to rss. I’ve been using rss since forever and hopefully will be able to translate everything I want to my feed. At least, WordPress supports this by default, so I hope I’ll start reading blogs I’m subscribed to on a regular basis.

On a more positive note — the demos of two persona dancing games came out in North America today. Maybe i was just tired, or maybe I’m old — but even the normal difficulty level turned out to be an unbeatable challenge for me. But the games are kind of fun anyway, worth checking out the demo.

Last week I said that I was going to start learning Japanese. Long story short, this week was dedicated to hiragana and now I think I can read syllables with some degree of confidence. Yeah, it’s going to be slow, yeah, I may mess up ใ˜ใ‚„ and ใกใ‚„ and won’t be able to write virtually any kana off top of my head. However, frankly, I thought that it’d be trickier.

Animelog: High Score Girl

Despite its questionable visual and tons of ads placed here and there, High Score Girl surprisingly turned out to be a very fine show about love.

First of all, for sure, this anime is about love to video games. The main character is obsessed with games, he doesn’t care about anything else. He goes directly to the arcades after school where he plays Street Fighter; at home his only source of entertainment is a PC Engine, and so on and so forth. At the arcades he meets Oono, a local oujo, the last person who’d expect to be good at fighting games. But she isn’t just good — she’s perfect. At every game.

Frankly, I didn’t enjoy the first “chapter” much. I’m not a huge fan of retro video games and all those reference to particular bugs or peculiarities of Street Fighter II or Final Fight didn’t make my heart race as it might’ve happened were I interested more in this topic.

However, High Score Girl isn’t only about games. The love story (yeah, it’s hard to believe but there are 2(!) girls who kind of fell for the main character) isn’t super-complicated but somewhat touching. Hidaka’s very straightforward and likeable, and her confession in the last episode is a very strong scene but Oono is somehow… more appealing? And if I’m able to recall anything from this anime some time after — that will probably be their ride to the exams and a night at the hotel.

The anime ends on a cliffhanger so probably we’ll get a second season and I don’t see any reasons not to watch it.

P.S. Haruo’s Mom definitely needs more screen time.

“The ability to help you with your studies.
My beloved kouhai.
And my gruff father.
And this starry sky.

What I have is no more than this. What I can give you, Araragi, is no more than this. No more than this… and everything. Well, to be precise, I also have my sharp tongue and abusive remarks.”

It’s my second time and everything in Bakemonogatari is still absolutely beautiful. And that dialog is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in anime.